Pobull Fhinn

The oval stone circle Pobull Fhinn ( Ben Langass, Pobuill Fhinn or Sornach coconut ' Fhinn called ) is located on the southwestern slopes of Ben Langass ( Beinn Langais ), north of Loch Langais, on the Hebridean island of North Uist. The Gaelic name " Pobull Fhinn " means " Fionn 's people," or the fairy people and says the legendary hero Fionn mac Cumhaill Irish mythology.

The oval measures 40 m × 33 m. The floor inside the Oval was leveled on the north side for the construction of walls on the south side. A feature of the stone circle dating from the 2nd millennium BC, is that he has access to the east and west. There are over 40 menhirs, but 16 of them are no longer available. The largest menhir of the circle is at the eastern entrance and is about two feet high.


On the northwestern side of the hill lies the Neolithic Cairn Barpa Langass.