Pocsaj [ potʃɒj ] is a ostungarischer place in the small area Berettyóújfalu the edge of the Great Hungarian Plain ( Alfold ) in Hajdú-Bihar county. It has an area of 49.55 km ² and 2727 inhabitants.


The place is located at the mouth of the ER in the Berettyó at the foot of the Bihar Mountains, in Transylvania, directly to the Romanian border, about 40 km from Debrecen and 240 km from the Hungarian capital, Budapest. Pocsaj borders the Romanian Bihor County and the following municipalities:


Written, the village was first mentioned in 1291.

Pocsaj ( N 47 ° 17 '; O 39 ° 29') about 1892 ( Journal of the recording Josephine Francisco - country recording)

Economy and Transport

The place is connected to the railway line Debrecen Nagykereki ( station Pocsaj - Esztár ).


Janos B. Nagy (1940-2007), opera singer (tenor )