Moreton Bay Steineibe ( Podocarpus macrophyllus ) leaves.

The Podocarpus ( Podocarpus ) are a genus of about 105 species in the family of Podocarpus plants ( Podocarpaceae ). The botanical name means " stalked fruit"; However, these gymnosperms bear no fruit in the botanical sense, but stalked seeds with aril.


Podocarpus species are evergreen shrubs or trees, which can reach heights of growth of about 40 meters. The change-constant leaves are needle-like but not lanceolate, they are tough and leathery, they usually have a midrib and rare few will be parallel nerves.

Most species are dioecious getrenntgeschlechtig ( dioecious ). The seeds are surrounded by a seed coat ( aril ) ( as in yew, hence the German name).


Natural range

The Podocarpus are represented by many species in the mountains of the tropics; the distribution of the genus extends south to Chile and New Zealand, in a northerly direction as far as Japan and Mexico.

In southeast Africa, there were originally extensive Podocarpus forests, which are an important habitat for the endangered today Kappapagei among others. These forests have today been largely cleared and replanted with non- native trees in southern Africa again. This was mainly eucalyptus and conifers were used. Podocarpus forests are found today only in inaccessible altitudes.

Use as an ornamental plant

All species are not hardy in Central Europe. In the British Isles several species are cultivated and are there to be seen in gardens and parks. Individual species are suitable as houseplants and are even relatively robust, they are quite expensive and are still rarely offered for sale.


In the genus Podocarpus there are 105 species. It is divided into two subgenera and several sections. In the name of the subgenera and sections, the entries were in accordance with the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature corrected (Article 32.6 ):

  • Subgenus Podocarpus Section Podocarpus ( East and Southern Africa) Podocarpus elongatus ( Aiton ) L' Hér. ex Pers.
  • Broadleaf Steineibe ( Podocarpus latifolius ( Thunb. ) R. Br ex Mirb. )
  • Podocarpus capuronii de foliage.
  • Wrong yellowwood ( Podocarpus henkelii Stapf ex Dallim. )
  • Podocarpus humbertii De foliage.
  • Podocarpus madagascariensis Baker
  • Podocarpus rostratus J. Laurent
  • Tasmanian Alpine Steineibe ( Podocarpus alpinus R. Br ex Hook f. )
  • Cunningham Steineibe ( Podocarpus cunninghamii Colenso )
  • Podocarpus gnidioides Carrière
  • Alpine Steineibe ( Podocarpus lawrencei Hook f. )
  • Southern Alps - Steineibe ( Podocarpus nivalis Hook. )
  • Chilean Steineibe ( Podocarpus nubigenus Lindl. )
  • Totara Totara or Steineibe ( Podocarpus totara G. Benn. Ex D. Don )
  • Podocarpus smithii de foliage.
  • Podocarpus glomeratus D. Don
  • Argentine Steineibe ( Podocarpus lambertii Klotzsch ex Endl. )
  • Podocarpus parlatorei Pilg.
  • Pastures Similar Steineibe ( Podocarpus salignus D. Don )
  • Podocarpus sellowii Klotzsch ex Endl.
  • Podocarpus sprucei Parl
  • Podocarpus transiens ( Pilg. ) de Laub.
  • Podocarpus oleifolius D. Don
  • Podocarpus pendulifolius J. Buchholz & N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus tepuiensis J. Buchholz & N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus coriaceus Rich. & A. Rich.
  • Podocarpus matudae Lundell
  • Podocarpus rusbyi J. Buchholz & N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus salicifolius Klotzsch & H. Karst. ex Endl.
  • Podocarpus steyermarkii J. Buchholz & N. E. Gray
  • Narrow Steineibe ( Podocarpus angustifolius Griseb. )
  • Podocarpus aristulatus Parl
  • Podocarpus buchholzii de foliage.
  • Podocarpus roraimae Pilg.
  • Podocarpus urbanii Pilg.
  • Podocarpus brasiliensis de foliage.
  • Podocarpus celatus de foliage.
  • Podocarpus guatemalensis Standlschmaus.
  • Podocarpus magnifolius J. Buchholz & N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus purdieanus Hook.
  • Podocarpus trinitensis J. Buchholz & N. E. Gray
  • Subgenus Foliolati Section Foliolati (Nepal to Sumatra, Philippines, and Guinea to Tonga ) Podocarpus archboldii N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus borneensis de foliage.
  • Podocarpus deflexus Ridl.
  • Podocarpus insularis de foliage.
  • Podocarpus levis de foliage.
  • Oleanderblättrige Steineibe ( Podocarpus neriifolius D. Don ), Origin: Himalayas, Kalimantan
  • Podocarpus novae- caledoniae Vieill. ex Brongn. & Griseb.
  • Podocarpus pallidus N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus rubens de foliage.
  • Podocarpus spathoides de foliage.
  • Podocarpus dispermus C.T. White
  • Podocarpus ledermannii Pilg.
  • Podocarpus micropedunculatus de foliage.
  • Podocarpus annamiensis N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus de globulus leaves.
  • Podocarpus lucienii de foliage.
  • Podocarpus nakaii Hayata
  • Podocarpus sylvestris J. Buchholz
  • Podocarpus teysmannii Miq.
  • Podocarpus atjehensis ( Wasscher ) de Laub.
  • Podocarpus bracteatus flower
  • Podocarpus confertus de foliage.
  • Podocarpus decumbens N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus degeneri ( N. E. Gray) de Laub.
  • Podocarpus gibbsii N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus longifoliolatus Pilg.
  • Podocarpus polyspermus de foliage.
  • Podocarpus pseudobracteatus de foliage.
  • Podocarpus salomoniensis Wasscher
  • Podocarpus affinis Seem.
  • Blue Steineibe ( Podocarpus glaucus Foxw. ), Origin: Philippines
  • Podocarpus lophatus de foliage.
  • Podocarpus pilgeri Foxw.
  • Podocarpus rotundus de foliage.
  • Podocarpus brassii Pilg.
  • Podocarpus brevifolius ( Stapf ) Foxw.
  • Podocarpus costal C. Presl
  • Podocarpus crassigemmis de foliage.
  • Podocarpus tixieri Gaussen ex Silba
  • Podocarpus grayae de foliage.
  • Podocarpus laubenfelsii Tiong
  • Podocarpus rumphii flower
  • Chinese Steineibe ( Podocarpus chinensis Wall. Ex Parl )
  • Podocarpus chingianus S.Y. ugh
  • Podocarpus elatus R. Br ex Endl.
  • Podocarpus fasciculus de foliage.
  • Podocarpus macrocarpus de foliage.
  • Moreton Bay Steineibe or temple Steineibe ( Podocarpus macrophyllus ( Thunb. ) Sweet), Heinat: southern China, southern Japan, Ryukyu Islands
  • Podocarpus polystachyus R. Br ex Endl.
  • Podocarpus ridleyi ( Wasscher ) N. E. Gray
  • Podocarpus subtropicalis de foliage.
  • Spined Steineibe ( Podocarpus spinulosus ( Sm ) R. Br ex Mirb. ), Origin: Australia (Queensland, New South Wales)

Today, no longer in the genus Podocarpus include the following types:

  • Plum Steineibe ( Prumnopitys andina ) ( syn. Podocarpus andinus, Prumnopitys elegans)
  • New Zealand Warzeneibe ( Dacrycarpus dacrydioides, syn. Podocarpus dacrydioides, Dacrydium excelsum, Podocarpus thujoides, Nageia dacrydioides, Nageia excelsa, Podocarpus excelsus )
  • Miro ( Prumnopitys ferruginea, syn. Podocarpus ferrugineus ferrugineus Stachycarpus, Nageia ferruginea )
  • Nagibaum ( Nageia nagi; syn. Podocarpus nagi, nagi Decussocarpus, Podocarpus formosana, P. koshunensis )
  • Slim African Yellow Wood ( Afrocarpus gracilior ) ( syn. Podocarpus gracilior, Decussocarpus gracilior )


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