Podolanka, Czech Republic

Podolanka is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located 15 kilometers northeast of the city center of Prague at the city limits and is part of the Okres Praha- východ.


Podolanka located on the Bohemian panel in the valley of the creek Vinořský creek at the junctions of the Radonický and Jenštejnský creek. To the northwest, the Zlatý rises Kopec (250 m) and in the north the Kuchyňka (242 m).

Neighboring towns are Brázdim in the north, Cvrčovice, Popovice and Dřevčice in the northeast, Ostrov and Zápy in the east, in the southeast Jenštejn, Radonice in the south, Vinoř the southwest, Přezletice in the west and Veleň in the northwest.


The oldest part of the village is Cvrčovice, which was mentioned in 1352 under the name Swryczouicz as the spiritual good of the canon of St. Giles in the Vyšehrad first time. Since 1382 the existence of Kostomlátky is also documentary evidence.

Podolanka emerged in the mid -17th century. The first written record of which consists of a Kretscham and two mills belonging to the farm Jenštejn settlement dates from 1658. 1664 acquired January Anton Losy of Losinthal one of the two mills. After buying the other bought Losy the settlement from the royal rule Brandys nad Labem out and hit them as free possession of his reign Ctěnice to. Cvrčovice and Kostomlátky had until 1848 to rule Vinoř submissive. 1843 was Kostomlátky of 34 houses and 235 inhabitants had, in Cvrčovice were 10 houses with 67 residents and the five houses of Podolánky lived 35 people.

After the abolition of patrimonial created in 1850 the municipality Cvrčovice with the districts Podolánky and Kostomlátky, nad the district of Karlin and from 1906 to the district Labem Brandys belonged. After the founding of Czechoslovakia, the community was named Cvrčovice, Kostomlátky a Podolanka. In 1948 it was renamed the Podolanka and since 1950 the church has the name Podolanka. During this time Cvrčovice and Kostomlátky lost their status as districts. Since 1961 Podolanka belongs to Okres Praha- východ. In the 1960s and 1970s of road running Praha led - Brandys by the community. The spatial layers Podolanka and Kostomlátky have grown together to form one unit.

Community structure

For the community Podolanka no districts are reported. To Podolanka include the settlement Cvrčovice ( Czwrtschowitz, 1939-1945: Barbecue Village ) and the local situation Kostomlátky ( Kostomlatek ).


  • Church of St John the Baptist in Cvrčovice, built in 1564
  • Štěpařův statek ( Štěpař - Good) in Kostomlátky from the end of the 16th century
  • Two niche chapels Via Sancta on the old road from Stara Boleslav to Prague
  • Zlatý vrch ( Goldberg ), archaeological site of a settlement of Homo erectus from the Paleolithic. First Gebeinfunde were handed over by Antonín Nedorost in the 19th century, the National Museum in Prague. 1975 began intensive excavations.