Podor is the northernmost town in Senegal near the border with Mauritania on the island Morfil between the rivers Senegal and Doue.

As in Matam, Saint- Louis, Bakel or Richard Toll, can be found in Podor traces of the colonial occupiers, who built an imposing fort here. The battalion commander and governor Louis Faidherbe (1818-1889) conquered with his men 1854/1855 this section. A few years later, the Kingdom of Cayor was completely defeated.

Today, the cityscape is a rather quaint, small -membered impression. From time immemorial here brisk trade was driven. Above all spices from the north were shipped from here. Precious metals - particularly iron ore and gold - that came from the legendary land of gold at Golem above the river, were among the desires not only of the colonial masters.

For several years, efforts to build a modest tourism, the infrastructure has not yet been reached but here Central European claims. From Saint- Louis in Senegal cruises are offered, which also in Podor station.