Podsedice ( German Podseditz ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic.


The town lies on Podsedický creek 3 km west of Trebenice on state road 15 in the Bohemian Central Mountains. Through the village 282 m above sea level performs the railway Most - Lovosice (formerly Brüx - Lobositzer Verbindungsbahn ).


For the first time, the village was mentioned in 1280 as Podsudice documented. In the 16th century there was a division of the town, which originally formed a separate dominion, in an Teplitz and Skalkener share. The Teplice part came in 1512 in the possession of the forest and Steiner 1522 pledged to Wolf Kaplirz to Sulewicz on Skalken. At the beginning of the 17th century there was a further division of the village and also the Domdekanat Leitmeritz received a share. 1616 acquired Elisabeth Berka of Dubé the desert castle Woltarik and villages Podseditz and Wchinitz. 1634 inherited her Cousin Jan Vejkart of Vřesovice possession, he was succeeded by Franz Ulrich Kolowrat Liebstein.

Apart from agriculture, the residents work earlier in the mining of Bohemian garnet. In 1775, Count Carl Friedrich Hatzfeldt to match at a garnet mine the settlement Neugründel that belonged to Podseditz and was abandoned after the second World War.

West of Podsedice done the degradation of a Pyropkieslagerstätte for the recovery of garnet. This is the only still operating garnet mine site Bohemia. Visible from the quarrying on the 470 m high Vršetín between Obřice and Teplá which has almost covered the entire mountain. The gravel obtained there is used primarily for road use.

In the center of the village stands a chapel from the 18th century.

Community structure

The municipality consists of the villages Podsedice Děkovka ( Diakowa ) Chrášťany ( Chraschtian ) Obřice ( Wobritz ) Pnětluky ( Netluk ) and Podsedice ( Podseditz ), at the same time also form Katastralbezirke. The municipal area is the deserted village Doly ( Neugründel ).