Pohl Home is a town in the district of Gießen, in Hesse.

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Geographical Location

The city Pohl home located in the southern part of the district of Gießen, right at the boundaries of the university town of Giessen. Pohl Home is located at Lückenbach ( flowing over the Kleebach in the Lahn).

Neighboring communities

Pohl home is bordered to the north by the town of Gießen and the municipality of remote forest, on the east by the city Lich, in the south on the town coins mountain ( Wetterau ), and in the west on the community and the city Langgoens Linden.

Districts, Population

To town Pohl home consists of the quarters Village Güll, Garbenteich, green rings, Hausen, timber home and Watzenborn -Steinberg, the same time form a local district with a town council.


Through the area of Pohlheim a Head Germanic Limes ( north lie Hausen, Watzenborn -Steinberg and Garbenteich; south Grüningen, village Güll and wood home ). The name Pohl home can be attributed to the former village " Pfahlheim " lead back, which was based on the limit points ( " village on the stakes ").

The name Garbenteich can be traced back to " Garwards calibration ". The northern villages belonged to the Middle Ages to the jurisdiction of Cabin Mountain, the southern to the Official Gambach ( 1464 to Solms pledged ). Wood home was first mentioned in the year 790, green rings and village Güll in the year 799, Hausen 886 and the youngest Garbenteich and Watzenborn ( " Wazenburne " ) in 1141 Grüningen had in the Middle Ages -. Than only the previous single communities - since the 1400 city rights.

North Pohl home is adjacent to the foot of the mountain in the district of Gießen ship -Peter Pond, founded in the 1960s.

On September 4, 1974 Home Pohl was appointed to the city.


The community Pohl home was founded on 31 December 1970 in the course of municipal reform in Hesse by voluntary association of municipalities Village Güll, Garbenteich, green rings, Hausen, timber home and Watzenborn -Steinberg. The name Pohl home goes back to a central location in the municipality vanished during the Thirty Years War the village.


City Council

The municipal election held 27 March 2011 yielded the following results:


Mayor of Pohl 's home since 1997, Karl -Heinz Schäfer ( SPD), who was elected to the mayoral election on 7 September 2008, 50.8 % with a turnout of 52% for the third time.

Coat of arms

On May 15, 1975, the city Pohlheim received approval to conduct the coat of arms described below.

Coat Description: " In a curly golden red top with a blue Limes watchtower; forward a golden oak branch, behind two seeded in golden staves, also golden eighth notes. "


The city Pohl home is twinned with the market town of Admont in Austria, the city of Zirc in Hungary and the Saxon Strehla.

Culture and sights

Cultural monuments in Pohl Home

See list of cultural monuments in Pohl Home

Economy and infrastructure


Pohl is home to the breakpoints Watzenborn -Steinberg and Garbenteich on the railway line Lahn- Kinzig- path leading from Gießen to Gelnhausen. In this case, the breakpoint Watzenborn -Steinberg is in the area of Peter Pond, part of the city of Giessen. In public transport, the city belongs to the area of the Rhine -Main Transport Association.

Furthermore Pohl home is on the A5 Frankfurt -Kassel, junction remote forest, the A 45 Hanau -Dortmund (Sauerland line) junction coins Mountain and the junction casting, Schiffenberger Valley of the A 485 ( Giessen ring ) distance.

Through the district Grüningen leads the German Limes Cycle Route. This follows the Upper Germanic - Rhaetian Limes 818 km from Bad Hönningen am Rhein to Regensburg on the Danube.

Economic structure

So casting is in the circle worked: 0.6% of the workforce is employed in agriculture and forestry, 26.6 % in industry and 72.8 % in the service sector.

Tax revenues

602.9 EUR municipal taxes are in the area of the circle casting per capita taken on average. This value is based on the Federal Republic, the West German midfield ( BRD Average: 494 euros ).


The population of Central Hesse is predominantly Protestant. In the years 1954/1955 the Christ Church was in Watzenborn -Steinberg built and consecrated on 24 July 1955. The first parish was in the village, but already in 1606 / 1607. The old church was probably built as the first church on the territory of today's home Pohl in 1141, around the time of founding of the monastery Schiffenberg. It was extensively renovated in 2006. In the districts there are several historic village churches, the Evangelical Reformed Church Village Güll (1737), the Protestant Church Garbenteich ( 12th century), the Evangelical Church Grüningen (12th - 16th century), the Evangelical Church Hausen (13th century) and the Evangelical Reformed Church wooden Home (1632 ).

After the Second World War attracted many Catholic displaced persons in the villages Pohl home. During this time the St. Hedwig's Chapel was founded in Hausen. This was sold to the new building of the Catholic Church of St. Martin in Watzenborn -Steinberg at a Syrian Orthodox religious community. After demolition of the missing person St. Hedwig's Chapel was built in 2013 at the same place, the Syrian Orthodox Church Mor Had'Bschabo. In Garbenteich the church Mor Barsaumo was completed in 1999, a third Aramaic community consists in Watzenborn -Steinberg.

Church life of Pohl home is shaped by the Free Protestant community Pohl home and the Evangelical City Mission, which is represented in three parts. Furthermore, there is an Apostolic Church in Pohlheim Watzenborn -Steinberg.


  • The largest sports club in the city is the TV07 Watzenborn -Steinberg 1800 members. The products range from aerobics, diving, gymnastics and tennis to cross country skiing and osteoporosis gymnastics. In addition to numerous popular sport is also offered competitive sport - especially in gymnastics and swimming - especially encouraged.
  • In 1927, the football club SC Teutonia Watzenborn -Steinberg was founded. The association has over 500 members and now plays in the regional league middle.
  • The resident of the wood home district Aramaic football club FC Turabdin Babylon Pohl home is currently playing in League group Gießen / Marburg.
  • 1928, the sports club Garbenteich was founded. The association has over 1000 members. Longtime board member (since 1948) and since 1967 president is Ewald stump.
  • Since the 1980s form the Handball departments of the TV Hausen and TV07 Watzenborn -Steinberg, the HSG Pohl home. 1998, the youth teams of all sports clubs Pohl Heimer ( Garbenteich, green rings, Hausen, wood home, Watzenborn -Steinberg ) were combined under the umbrella of the JSG Limes. This was resolved in the context of the founding of the HSG Pohl home and transferred to this. The first men's team plays in the season 2010/ 11 in the third league.
  • Although there is no ice rink in Pohl home and the local area, was founded in the 1990s by Rollerskate drivers of ice and roller sports club Pohl home.
  • Originally founded in 1961 as a football club, the New Sport Club ( NSC) Watzenborn -Steinberg has developed with 15 teams and about 300 members of one of the largest table tennis clubs in the Hessian Table Tennis Federation. The first women's team played since their rise in 2000 in the 2nd table tennis Bundesliga and managed in 2012 to move up to the 1st Bundesliga. The first men's team compete in the Regionalliga Southwest.
  • In the dance sports department of the CV -1956 " The Molly " Watzenborn -Steinberg eV practice over 100 girls and young women the carnival Guard and theater dance, the Einzelkatekorie Mariechentanz is occupied. On the way to the German Dance Sport Championship titles are top Hessian (last 2010) and gained qualifications for the Süddeutsche championships.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Karl Philipp Gottfried (1896-1968), member of the Landtag of Hesse (CDU ), who was born in Watzenborn -Steinberg
  • Werner Freund (1933-2014), wolf researcher