Point Forward

Point Forward is an unofficial name given to players in basketball who have the skills of a point guard, and can also play the forward position. It is thus for the team next to point guard to build the second option a game.

Usually, the name Point Foward for Small Forwards Power Forwards and is (usually there are more small forwards) used, which have the game overview and the ball handling of a point guard and thus can also direct the game. These players often cause defensive mismatches ( benefits for the offensive player to small by for example or to slow defenders ) because slower power forwards usually can not defend effectively enough distance casts due to their lack of speed, and because Point Forwards aufposten using their body size smaller players " " ( using your own body or back push away ) can.

Examples of these types of players are: LeBron James, Hidayet Türkoglu, Magic Johnson and Boris Diaw.