Pointe -Noire is a port city in the Republic of Congo with more than 750,000 inhabitants (2007 ). It is the capital of the department of Pointe- Noire.


The city is situated on the Atlantic coast, north of the border to the Angolan exclave of Cabinda. It is connected with the capital Brazzaville by a railway line, which was built in 1924-1934. The city's harbor was completed in 1939.

Even after the independence of the Congo 1960 Pointe -Noire was a base for the French army intervention in Central Africa.


Pointe -Noire is the most important seaport in the Republic of Congo and is considered to be economic hub of the country. Its importance has grown, since oil is extracted offshore. The French company Elf Aquitaine has an office in the city, which also has an international airport. A major industry is fishing, but suffers due since the 1990s by the oil production from increasing pollution.

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