Poland national rugby union team

The Polish rugby union team represents Poland in the sport of Rugby Union. She is playing in Division 1B of the European Nations Cup and could yet qualify for any World Cup. Poland is classified by the World Association IRB in the third strength class ( third tier ).

The first international match in rugby history of Poland denied the team on August 24, 1958 in Łódź against the GDR and won with 9:8. A year earlier, Poland had joined the European Rugby Association FIRA -AER. At the beginning they met frequently on Czechoslovakia and Romania. At the qualifying matches for the World Cup Poland could only participate from 1988, when the IRB officially started the country as a member. In recent years, the rugby sport in Poland has continued to develop, so that the team now regularly attracts 7,000 spectators to home games.

Coach of the team since 2006 Tomasz Putra, who was from 1982 to 2000 even professional players in Poland and most of France. More than half of the squad currently playing in the French league. In 2008, Poland reached the summit of Division 2b to 2a Division, where initially the same as the Czech Republic beat relegated to 13:7.


Results at World Championships

  • World Cup 1987: did not participate
  • World Cup 1991: not qualified
  • World Cup 1995: not qualified
  • World Cup 1999: not qualified
  • World Cup 2003: not qualified
  • World Cup 2007: not qualified (3rd qualifying round)