Polerady (Prague-East District)

Polerady ( German Polerad ) is a municipality in the Czech Republic. It is located five kilometers north-west of Brandys nad Labem and belongs to Okres Praha- východ.


Polerady is linkselbisch on Poleradský creek on the Bohemian panel. East of the railway line from Čelákovice goes according Neratovice. The one kilometers outside the village railway station is named Polerady nad Labem.

Neighboring towns are Kostelec nad Labem in the north, and Záryby MARTINOV in the northeast, Spořilov in the east, Brandys nad Labem and Popovice the southeast, Brázdim in the south, Sluhy the southwest, Mratín in the west and Nová Ves in the northwest.


The first written mention of Polyhrad took place in 1290, as Bohuslav Hora of the village, leaving the Deanery Chapter of St. Vitus in Prague. During the Hussite Wars of the place got to secular owners. 1436 Emperor Sigismund pledged to Freihofstraße the canons of the chapter of St. Veit an Oldrich of Polirady. In 1494 he was one of Henry of Vřesovice who wrote about him George of Polerady. Between 1507 and 1547 the village belonged to the town of Nymburk and was then confiscated because of their participation in the anti-Habsburg uprising. Polerady was handed over nad Labem to Prague Castle County along with Sudovo Hlavno, Hradek ( Komorní Hradek ) and Přerov and connected to the chamber rule Brandys.

Owner of the Freihof was in the second half of the 16th century January Polehradský of Polehrady. He was followed from 1615 Adam Ginterod of Ginterode and Polehrady.

1788 was Polerady of 25 residential buildings. After the abolition of patrimonial created in 1850 that pertains to the district Karlin community Polerady. An economic boom experienced the village with the emergence of the sugar industry and the construction of the railway from Neratovice about Brandys after Čelákovice. The community was incorporated in 1906 in the district Brandys nad Labem. Since 1961 it belongs to the Okres Praha- východ.

Gau Polerady

In various sources Polerady is known as one of the oldest towns in Bohemia. 1788 published the topographer Josef Schaller as a continuation of Gelasius Dobners Monumenta historica Bohemiae nusquam antehac a second volume, in which he mentioned a supposedly before the establishment of Stara Boleslav " Gau Polerady ", for which there is no historical basis. 1906 was marked on the map of the district team Karolinenthal northeast of the village a quadrangular rampart, but which no longer exists since the railway construction. Perhaps this was in the literature as Viereckschanzen system of Celtic origin, but more likely is that it has one of the Swedish fortifications left of the Elbe from the Thirty Years' War.

Community structure

For the community Polerady no districts are reported.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • František Josef Řezáč (1819-1879), the father, teacher and writer published under the pseudonym Polehradský