Police County

The powiat Policki is a powiat (German, county ' ) in the northwest of the Polish West Pomeranian Voivodeship, which is geographically the smallest of the province. In the north it is bordered by the Szczecin Lagoon, on the west by the German district of Vorpommern - Greifswald, on the south by the River Oder in Pargowo ( Pargow ), to the east by the city of Stettin, on the Oder in Police ( Pölitz ) and the Polish landscape park lower Oder Valley ( Dolina Landscape Park Dolnej Odry ). The powiat Policki is therefore almost entirely on the (now ) Polish territory of historical Vorpommern. In the language of the Second World War from there distributed German population it is therefore also known as " Szczecin corner ".


The circular area belonged to the Prussian province of Pomerania until 1939 the district of Pomerania and after its resolution to 1945 on the districts Pomerania and Greifenhagen. The city was Pölitz until the takeover by Poland a district of Stettin.

The forest - and water-rich landscape makes the county became an important recreation destination for the population of the city of Szczecin. The immediate surroundings of the city, so the southern part of county, since 1990 experienced a massive suburbanization, so the construction of new single-family homes for members of Szczecin's middle class, as well as the construction of large-scale retail facilities. The immediate proximity to Germany, and good links with the A11 also provides strong shopping tourism from Germany.

Cities and Towns

The powiat Policki includes a total of four communities: two rural and urban communities (SL ), two rural communities (L ) and how powiat Białogardzki has the smallest municipality number of all districts of the province.

  • Dobra ( Daber ) - ( L)
  • Kołbaskowo ( Kolbitzow ) - ( L)
  • Nowe Warpno ( Neuwarp ) - ( SL)
  • Police ( Pölitz ) - ( SL)

Neighboring counties