The term policy refers to the content dimension of politics.

The term " policy " has several levels of meaning in the German language. Because its use is not clear what is currently meant the German political science from the Anglo - American sphere, the three policy - terms policy, polity and politics taken. These three approaches to policy, see as the three "dimensions" of the policy term widely used, although the distinction is not always clear-cut possible and ultimately of analytical- academic nature.

This polity refers to the formal, written dimension of politics, that is questions of the political system, its theory and wrote political institutions. In politics refers to the process dimension of politics, that is, the political processes and the activities of political actors. Policy describes in political science, the content dimension of politics. The policy refers to the totality of political topics such as field of health policy, energy policy or family policy. Possible definitions of policies to each other are regularly defined by the departmental divisions in editorial content or by the jurisdiction of ministries.

The discipline of political science that deals with the substantive political issues, deal with their particular actor structures and concrete processes, the policy research. In the German -speaking world is also the term used synonymously established policy analysis and by analogy, the term policy field for policy. However, the adapted from the English language terms are further parallel in academic use.

Further meaning

In the business sector policy referred to an internal guidance or policy that is formally documented by the company and is responsible about their management. The English term policy also has additional meanings; such as in information technology as a framework for permissions and prohibitions.