Pollhagen is a municipality in the district Niedernwöhren Schaumburg in Lower Saxony.

  • 4.1 municipal
  • 4.2 Mayor / Administration
  • 4.3 Finance


The village lies at the Schaumburg forest and on the Mittelland Canal near the city of Hagen.

Community structure

The municipal area also includes the living space Natenhöhe.


By clearing in the 13th century, the town got its district and was first mentioned in 1410. The community developed as a peasant under side village from the mother village Meerbeck. By 1898, the village belonged to the parish Meerbeck, then a church was built in Pollhagen.


Pollhagen is the seat of a Lutheran congregation within the Schaumburg- Lippe Church.


Parish council

The Council of the Municipality Council consists of 11 women and councilors.

  • SPD - 5 seats
  • WGP - 4 seats
  • CDU - 2 seats

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)

Mayor / Administration

Mayor is Friedrich Möller of the voter community Pollhagen. The municipal director of the Council Samtgemeinde Mayor Marc buses ordered. The Municipal Office is located in the Rottstrasse 2


In the financial regulation for the year 2013, the income and expenses are balanced, each with 656 841 euros as a result of budget. The financial budget of 677 600 EUR deposits and withdrawals of 673,000 euros can be expected. On Payments for investing activities 75,900 euros are provided. Loans are not estimated.


  • Ev. Church, built in 1897/98 according to the plans of the Bückeburger Exchequer and Commissioner of City Planning Jebens

Regular events

In August each year, the local village community festival is held in conjunction with the municipal Marksmen. Involved Traditionally Rottfeiern the individual living quarters.