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Pollitz is a municipality in the district of Stendal Aland in Saxony- Anhalt, Germany.


The village is located on Aland Pollitz in the far north of the county or of the state of Saxony- Anhalt, a few kilometers from the confluence with the Elbe at Schnackenburgallee.


Pollitz was originally created by the Wends as Rundlingsdorf. First detectable written reference dates from 1208, with the contact already hundreds of years earlier settled there, which is evident from an urn field in the Pollitzer field marks.

Until December 31, 2009 Pollitz was an independent municipality with the associated district Scharpenhufe and the living quarters Kahlenberge, Nattewisch and brickyard.

Through a field amendment agreement, the municipal councils of the municipalities have Aulosen ( 23 June 2009 ), Krüden ( 17 June 2009 ), Pollitz ( 19 June 2009 ) and Wanzer ( 9 June 2009 ) decided that their communities dissolved and are combined to form a new congregation with the name Aland. This agreement was approved by the county as a lower municipal supervisory authority and entered into force on 1 January 2010.



The last mayor of Pollitz was Wolfgang Bolte.

Department store Heine Pollitz

Garden and half-timbered house in Pollitz

Tomb of the family von Jagow in the cemetery Pollitz

Transport links

Through the village the road from Seehausen ( Altmark) leads to the main road at 493 Schnackenburgallee.