Polo at the 1936 Summer Olympics

In the XI. 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin was held a competition in the Polo.

Was played according to the rules of the Hurlingham Polo Club in Fulham, near London. The only exception in the regulations was that after every goal pages were changed. They played seven chukkers of eight minutes. The hope that the United States and the famous Indian team would participate, was not fulfilled.

The teams were divided according to their skill level in advance. Argentina and Great Britain played with Mexico in the strong group and determined the final pairing. Germany and Hungary played in the weak group from a subscriber for the match for 3rd place. As the game between Hungary and Germany remained undecided in the first round after extra time, a repetition was applied. This team from Hungary won clearly. Germany was represented by the only still existing club, founded in 1896 the Hamburger Polo Club.

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