Pomitschna (Ukrainian Помічна; Russian Помошная / Pomoschnaja ) is a city in central Ukraine with about 10,000 inhabitants ( 2013).

The town is a railroad junction at the intersection of the railway line Bakhmach -Odessa the Piwdenno - Sachidna Salisnyzja and the railway line Borschschti -Kharkiv the Piwdenna Salisnyzja.


The city lies on the shores of Chorny Tashlyk ( Чорний Ташлик ), a 135 km long tributary of the Synjucha south of the Kirovohrad Oblast about 70 km southwest of the Oblastzentrums Kirovohrad. The town lies 24 km southeast of Rajonzentrum Dobrowelytschkiwka is 13 km south-west of Nowoukrajinka.

South of the city runs the highway that leads from Kirovohrad after Krasni Okny.


Pomitschna was founded in 1775. On August 1, 1868 rail operations began in the village. The settlement was freed on 18 March 1944 by the troops of the Red Army 's occupation by the Wehrmacht. On May 14, 1967 Pomitschna received the status of a city.


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