Pond Inlet

Pond Inlet, Nunavut, is located on the north coast of Baffin Island at the east shore of Eclipse Sound and Pond Inlet on the estuary village with about 1,300 inhabitants (of which 93 % Inuit ).


When the settlement was founded in the first half of the 20th century, they received the same designation as the Inlet - Pond Inlet. The Inuit call the place Mittimatalik, " Mittimas Place" ( who is Mittima or was, however, remains a mystery ).

The area between today's settlements Pond Inlet and Iglulik has been inhabited for about 4,000 years by people of the Dorset culture, and then the Thule culture, the ancestors of today's Inuit, the " Tununirmiut " call themselves (after Tuniniq, " country whose face turns away from the sun "). The Inlet Pond Inlet, according to an English astronomer named first Pond's Bay by the explorer John Ross in 1818, connects the Eclipse Sound to Baffin Bay. After John Ross came more frequently whaling ships, and 1903 here a whaling station was finally established, but soon became unprofitable and was abandoned in 1912.

Around 1850, the camp leader and shaman Qillaq broke on the run from enemies with 60 Inuit from the area Tuniniq on the island Bylot, Devon and Ellesmere to North Greenland. This trip referred to in Greenland Qitdlarrsuaq camp leader had a significant influence on the life of the Polar Inuit in northern Greenland for more than a century isolated, because only so they were familiar with the latest Inuit technology. Since that time, there are family ties between the Tununirmiut and living in the area of Thule Polar Inuit.

1912 were three expeditions in search of gold in the Pond Inlet region and opened after issuing a search trade items that were taken over in 1921 by the Hudson's Bay Company. 1929 a Roman Catholic and an Anglican mission station were built. The Catholic church was rebuilt after a fire in 1994 the original church was destroyed. When the fire came the acting for 37 years here Oblate Father Guy Mary- Rousselliere, also an archaeologist and Inuit Kenner, died.

In the 1960s, the first school for the people living in the camps of the neighborhood kids came. In 1996, a cultural center and library was opened to its outer shape because of the name " Nattinnak Building" bears ( Inuktitut for tabular iceberg ).


Pond Inlet likely are among the most beautifully located settlements in the Arctic. Surrounded by the leading even in summer icebergs waters of Eclipse Sound and Inlet, in which white whales ( beluga whales ), narwhals and sometimes Greenland whales frolicking, the landscape of the twenty-five kilometers away towering above the sea cliffs and glaciers of Bylot is island, part of the Sirmilik National Park, dominated.

On their way through the Northwest Passage cruise ships regularly come to Pond Inlet.