Pons, Count of Toulouse

Pons ( * before 1037, † probably in 1061 in Toulouse), Pontius, Pons Pons II or Wilhelm called (in contrast to his grandfather Raymond III Pons, who is also called Pons I.. ), Latin Pontius or Poncius, Ponce in Spanish, was Count of Toulouse from 1037 until his death. He was the eldest son and successor of Count William III. Taillefer and his second wife Emma of Provence, the heiress of half the Provence. From her he inherited the title of Marquis of Provence ( Marchio Provincae ).

His first wife, Marjorie, probably a daughter of Sancho III. of Navarre, he married before his father's death, gave her but only in the year of his government commencement extensive brideprice in Albi, Nîmois and Provence.

In 1038 he shared the acquisition of the diocese of Albi with the family Trencavel. In 1040 he presented the Cluny Abbey with possession in diene. 1047 he first described in connection with the donation of Moissac to Cluny as Pfalzgraf.

His second wife was Almodis de la Marche, a daughter of Count Bernard I of La Marche. Although you have been previously divorced from V. Hugo of Lusignan because of consanguinity. He had at least two children, when she was kidnapped in 1053 by Ramon Berenguer I, Count of Barcelona with her.

His eldest son, pons, probably his only child with Marjorie, was not his successor, he died probably two years after his father. The estates were inherited in succession, his second son, William IV, and his third son, Raymond of Saint- Gilles, whose mother is safe Almodis. Another son, Hugo, in 1063 testifies. In addition, he had a daughter, Almodis, who married Pierre I. Count of Melgueil and 1132 was still alive.

Pons died probably in 1061 in Toulouse and was buried there himself in Saint- Sernin.