Castle ruins on the island Ogoz

Pont -en- Ogoz is a municipality in the canton of Fribourg Greyerzbezirk in Switzerland. It was formed with effect on 1 January 2003 from the former municipalities Avry -devant -Pont, Le Bry and Gumefens. Thus, a new church was built under an old name. Because the repealed old municipality of Pont -en- Ogoz was merged with the municipality Villars- d'Avry Le Bry in 1970. The administrative center is Avry- devant- Pont.


Pont -en- Ogoz is located approximately 8 km north of the district main town cop (air line). The municipality extends on the eastern slopes of Mont Marly, in the extreme north of the Gruyère region on the west bank of the Lac de Gruyère.

The area of ​​10.0 km ² large municipality area includes a small section of the basin of Bulle in the Fribourg foothills of the Alps. The eastern border is the Lake of Gruyere, where the border is not in the middle of the reservoir, but along the sunken in the water meanders of the Sarine (French: Sarine ) runs. So also the Ile d' Ogoz belongs to the municipality, which was previously bathed in the east of the Sarine. The shore is also structured by a series of small streams that flowed earlier in the Sarine. Their lower valley sections were also flooded by the damming of the lake. The northern boundary is located in the area of ​​forest Bibou, while the area ranges in the south to the mouth area of ​​the streams Sionge and Gérignoz. From the lake shore, which is relatively steep and densely forested, especially in the northern part, the communal land extends westward up the slope, comprises the ridge of Russille and extends up to the crest of the Marly on which to 1,192 m above sea. M. is achieved the highest elevation of Pont -en- Ogoz. From the municipality surface 1997 12 % came from settlements, 23 % of forest and woody plants and 65 % to agriculture.

Pont -en- Ogoz consists of the villages of Le Bry ( 737 m above sea level. M. ), Avry -devant -Pont ( 789 m above sea level. M. ) and Gumefens ( 726 m above sea level. M. ). In addition, include the hamlet of Villars- d'Avry ( 833 m above sea level. M. ) on the eastern slope of Marly, La Cantine ( 737 m above sea level. M. ) on the peninsula below Avry -devant -Pont and numerous Hofsiedlungen and isolated farms to the community. Neighboring communities of Pont -en- Ogoz are Pont- la -Ville, Hauteville, Marsens, Soren, Le Glèbe, Vuisternens -en- Ogoz, Farvagny and Rossens.


With 1665 inhabitants ( 31 December 2012) Pont -en- Ogoz belongs to the medium-sized municipalities in the canton of Fribourg. Of the 90.7 % inhabitants are French-speaking, German-speaking 6.7 % and 0.9 % speak Portuguese (as of 2000). The population of Pont -en- Ogoz amounted in 1900 to 1219 inhabitants. Throughout the 20th century, the population increased by strong migration from 37 % to 766 in 1970 with a population of a temporary low. Since then, a rapid increase in population was reconnected with almost a doubling of the population recorded in 30 years.


Pont -en- Ogoz was until the mid-20th century, a predominantly coined by farming village. In the 19th century emphasized in particular the straw-plaiting and the manufacture of straw hats a significant income for the residents dar. Even today, animal husbandry and dairy farming and to a lesser extent agriculture an important role in the economic structure of the population.

More jobs are in small local manufacturing and services available. Throughout the 20th century settled in Pont -en- Ogoz small businesses in the construction and transport industry, the electrical industry, carpentry and joinery and the distillery Morard SA down. The shores of Lac de la Gruyère is also opened to tourism since the 1990s. So there are different places cottages, a campground and a port below Le Bry. On a scenic location in Avry -devant -Pont is the highly frequented motorway restaurant La Gruyère, which also includes a hotel part. In recent decades, Pont -en- Ogoz developed into a residential community. Many workers are commuters who work mainly in the regions Bulle and Fribourg.


The community is easily accessible via. It lies on the old main road from Fribourg to Bulle. The next two connections to the A12 motorway, which is open since 1981 from Bern to Vevey continuous and passes through the village area, located approximately 6 km each from the community are removed. By Bus Transports Publics Fribourgeois that leads from Freiburg via Rossens to Bull, Pont -en- Ogoz is connected with its various villages to the network of public transport.


The municipality of Pont -en- Ogoz was settled very early. The oldest traces of settlement were found in Gumefens where two tombs from the La Tène period with rich grave goods ( weapons and jewelry ) were excavated. At two different locations also remains were discovered from the Roman period.

Original core of the community was the castle Ogoz that (the island Ogoz today ) was founded in the 12th century on a reflowed of the Sarine height. To this castle the small town of Pont -en- Ogoz, which had about 1230-1450 stock arose. The town, which belonged to the noble family Pont and initially was under the influence of Freiburg, in 1250 came under the suzerainty of the House of Savoy. He was the center of a reign which included Avry -devant -Pont, Farvagny, Posat and Orsonnens. Since the beginning of the 15th century, the rule learned several changes of ownership and was bought in 1482 by the city of Freiburg completely. Then Pont was the first in Canton Fribourg Bailiwick to which the area belonged to the Sarine river trench in the east on the north side of the Marly by Orsonnens in the West. After the collapse of the ancien régime (1798 ) Pont -en- Ogoz belonged first to the district bull and from 1848 to the district of Gruyère.

The southern part of the municipality with Gumefens stood before 1550 under the administration of the rule Vuippens, came to the Bailiwick Vuippens - Everdes thereafter and was from 1798 to 1848 to the district Farvagny before it moved to the district of Gruyère.

Been gradually abandoned by the end of the 15th century during the stains Pont -en- Ogoz and the decline has been abandoned, the community existed Name Pont -en- Ogoz to 1970 on. Back then merged Pont -en- Ogoz with the equally independent municipality Villars- d'Avry to the new town of Le Bry, named after the largest village in the area.

In 2002, the voters of the municipalities Avry -devant -Pont and Le Bry voted by a large majority, those of Gumefens only a tight More of 52 % for the fusion of their communities. With effect from 1 January 2003, the new municipality of Pont -en- Ogoz whose municipality is situated in Avry -devant -Pont was born.



Avry -devant -Pont seen from the motorway service station La Gruyère

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