Pontiac Grand Am

Pontiac Grand Am was the name of several produced by the U.S. automakers Pontiac 1972-2004 models. The first two model generations were sporty versions that are made up of the former middle class model Le Mans. In contrast, the vehicles offered from 1985 to 2004 belonged to ( according to American standards ) lower middle class as the successor of the model Phoenix.

Grand Am, 1972-1975

Pontiac Grand Am Coupe, 1973

The first Grand Am (the name leaned against others at that time in Pontiac used terms such as Grand Prix and Trans Am on ) was released in fall 1972. With him it was a sporty put up version of the Pontiac Junior class model Le Mans. A special feature of the Grand Am was the front end of resilient polyurethane plastic. Available was the Grand Am as a two-door coupe and four-door sedan. The drive took a standard 6.6 -liter V8 engine (172 kW PS/126 ), on request granted a 233 hp (171 kW ) four -barrel carburetor version of this engine and a 7.5 -liter V8 (253 hp / 186 kW) to choose from. While the Super Duty high-performance variant of the V8 (314 kW PS/231 ) stood in the options list, came in the case of the Grand Am but not for delivery. 1974, minor changes to the bodywork and engines. In model year 1975, the engine range from the 6.6 -liter set (now with 172 or 188 or 138 PS/126 kW ) and the 7.5 - liter ( now 203 kW PS/149 -performing ) together. At the end of the model year, the Grand Am was taken out of production.

Numbers (model years):

Grand Am, 1977-1980

Pontiac Grand Am 1977-1980

With the appearance of shrunken in size new Le Mans in the fall of 1977, the Grand Am moved back into the offer. Again were coupe and sedan in sports presentation for election, but now powered by a five-liter V8 with twin or four -barrel carburetor ( 142 or 152 hp or 104 or 112 kW). Only in 1979 there was the Grand Am with a 3.8 -liter V -6 ( 106 PS/78 kW). The front section, which differed from that of Le Mans, in turn consisted of plastic.

1980, the Grand Am was only offered as a coupe and at the end of the model year due to weak demand from the program deleted.

Numbers (model years):

Grand Am, 1984-1991

After a four year break, Pontiac launched in 1984 a completely new Grand Am with front-wheel drive, which remained in three generations to 2005 in the program, ranked in the model hierarchy between Pontiac Sunbird and Pontiac 6000 and for many years was the best selling Pontiac model. This model was based on the N platform of the General Motors Corporation and was the parallel model to Oldsmobile Calais ( Achieva and Alero later ) and Buick Skylark.

The first front-wheel drive Grand Am was available as a coupe and sedan (from 1985) 1984-1991 built in 1.27 million copies. The drive was a 2.5- liter inline four-cylinder (initially 93 kW PS/68, later up to 112 PS/82 kW) or, until 1988, a three-liter V6 (127 kW PS/93 ); in individual years were also a 2.3 - liter four-cylinder with four-valve head ( 152 kW or 183 PS/112 PS/135 kW ) or a two-liter turbo (167 kW PS/123 ) on offer. In most cases, basic models and rich -equipped SE and LE models were offered.

Grand Am, 1992-1998

The 16 cm larger with a length of 475 cm successor was built from 1992 to 1998 in a total of 1.51 million copies.

Again, put the model range from sedans and coupes, now in the equipment SE and GT together. Base engine was a 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine (122 kW hp/90 ), others were given four-valve version of this engine ( 162-183 PS/119-135 kW ) and a 3.3 -liter V6 162 hp (119 kW) made ​​.

1993 lost the four-cylinder 5-6 hp, from 1994 made ​​the six-cylinder only 157 hp (115 kW).

1995 accounted for the base two-valve. Base engine was now a 152 hp (112 kW) version of the V- 16 engine, in addition, there was only the V6. Furthermore, it was the Grand Am a visual facelift given that made the edges softer.

In 1996, the 2.3-liter has been replaced by an equally strong new DOHC four-cylinder with 2.4 liters displacement.

Grand Am, 1998-2004

Pontiac Grand Am Coupe (1998-2003)

In the spring of 1998, the third front-drive Grand Am was released, again as a coupe and sedan in SE or GT equipment.

The 2.4 - liter four-cylinder has been taken over from the predecessor, was next to a 3.4 -liter V6 with 172 hp (126 kW ) can be ordered.

In the fall of 2003, the Grand Am received yet easy optical retouching.

The production of the last Grand Am - generation ended in December 2004.

Successor to the Grand Am is the Pontiac G6.