Pontoon (boat)

A pontoon ( pontoon French, from Latin ponto, to pons " bridge ") is a floating body, usually firmly anchored, is used as the water-level -dependent carrier for various tasks. In contrast to the boat although he is usually transportable, but only to a limited roadworthy. Pontoons do not have a drive of its own and, in contrast to vessels without their own power usually no streamlined shape. Pontoons are usually closed and filled with air.


Pontoons are used for floating pier, as a floating island in lakes, for special rafts, for residential boats and barges, for dredgers and floating cranes. As a jetty pontoons provide a water level independent mooring possibility for ships. This is mainly in waters with tidal range of advantage. The landing bridges in Hamburg consist of pontoons, as many marinas.

Pontoons are used as working platforms. You will be taken by tugs to its destination and anchored there. On the pontoon then are all the necessary facilities for the work task (tools, cranes, material ), sometimes also accommodation for the workers.

Another important area of ​​application for pontoons pontoon bridges that serve primarily military use or as a temporary replacement for destroyed bridges (see multipurpose pontoon and Bodan ferry).

Pontoons are also theaters that float on the water surface, used, such as the floating stage on Lake Lunz in Lower Austria.

The materials all materials used in shipbuilding are used. The most common steel and concrete is used, besides also wood, light metal and plastic constructions.

In addition, some heavy-lift are equipped with stability pontoons. These pontoons are mounted on the deck or hull of the vessel during normal operation. When loading and unloading of the cargo, the pontoons, which are attached to a boom on the ship, lowered into the water sideways, so that the stability is greatly increased. In this way can be minimized in conjunction with so-called interaction Heelingtanks the heeling of the ship with the exception of large loads.

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