Pool Malebo

The pool Malebo (formerly Stanley Pool, by Henry Morton Stanley, also Malebo pool, Ngobila Lake ) is an extension of the lower Congo (Africa ) in the form of a lake.

On the banks of the pool Malebo, which forms the border between the two states with the Congo, are the two main cities of Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Brazzaville ( Republic of Congo).

Before the Livingstone Falls, the breakthrough due to the low threshold Guinea, the water-rich Congo to a body of water, the pool Malebo dammed, which is about 30 km long, 21 km wide and up to 16 m deep. The pool is 272 m Malebo ü.d.M. The lake has 17 wooded islands and is round about 600 m high mountains surrounded.

The Congo is navigable due to flow downstream rapids only above the pool Malebo.

Henry Morton Stanley reached the pool Malebo on 12 March 1877, and founded here in 1882, the station Leopoldville (today's Kinshasa), which developed gradually into a regional commercial center and starting point of expeditions into the Congo Basin. The later addition of the Congo railway connected the pool Malebo with the port of Matadi.

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