Pop Idol

Pop Idol is a produced by British television station ITV singing talent contest or talent show. Between 2001 and 2003, two seasons were produced. The concept comes from the British producer and Spice Girls creator Simon Fuller.

On February 9, 2002 Will Young won the finale of the first season. The finale saw almost 14 million viewers - the highest number of audience for ITV on a Saturday night for two years. From August to December 2003, the second season was aired with Michelle McManus as the winner.

After the second season of Pop Idol Simon Cowell decided that occurred as a jury member in two seasons of Pop Idol, own talent show, The X Factor to produce, which is designed similar. Then ITV bought this format and put the further production of Pop Idol on ice. Simon Fuller was the end of the production rights from ITV Pop Idol in 2006, announced its intention to revive its format in the UK.

International marketing

The format has been marketed worldwide and runs under there acquired pop idol license. In Germany, the show under the name of Germany sucht den Superstar aired on RTL since 2002. Other countries include the USA (American Idol ), Canada (Canadian Idol ), Australia ( Australian Idol ), the Philippines ( Philippine Idol ), Kazakhstan ( Superstar KZ), France ( Nouvelle Star ), India ( Indian Idol ), Indonesia (Indonesian idol ) and Estonia ( Eesti otsib superstaari ). For all productions theme music and lettering are applied, so that the unity of the international differently named formats can be recognized.

The winners of the country's expenditures in 2003 were for unprecedented World Idol in London, it was won by the representative of Norway, Kurt Nilsen.