Pope Achillas of Alexandria

The Holy Achillas was in the year 311 ( January to 13 June) for a few months, Bishop of Alexandria, and thus after the Bishop of Rome, the highest-ranking church leader of Christendom. The emerged from the Alexandrian Patriarchate Coptic Church, he is considered to be her 18th Pope on the throne of Mark the Evangelist, the founder of the Egyptian and African Christianity.

Like its predecessor, Petros I. he was head of the influential Alexandrian catechetical school. Achillas ' tenure coincided with a church politically turbulent time. On April 30, 311 Emperor Galerius ended by the Edict of Nicomedia, the persecution of Christians in the Roman Empire. At the same time, there were serious theological tensions within the church just legalized. Akhilla dedicated the excommunicated by his predecessor Petros deacon Arius to the priesthood. Under Achillas ' successor, Alexander of Alexandria escalated the Arian controversy between Arians and Trinitarians about the relationship between God the Father and the Son of God. Im also led to the end of the persecution of Christians dispute over the Meletians Achillas was a staunch opponent of this grouping.

His Catholic and Coptic feast day is June 13.