Pope Adrian II

Hadrian II (* 792, † December 14 872 in Rome) was of his enthronement on 14 December 867 until his death in 872 exactly five years Pope. Its name in Latin as much as residents of Hadria.

Hadrian II came from the Roman family of the Colonna and was considered a conciliatory Pope. This was reflected both the fact that he again surrendered territories which his predecessor Nicholas I claimed as. Well at its turning into the question of the Slavic liturgy

When Hadrian became a priest, he was still married. Pope Gregory IV appointed him Cardinal of San Marco. Even after the death of Leo IV and the death of Benedict III. he had been respectively proposed as Pope, the election but had refused. After the death of Nicholas I on 13 November 867 he was then, however, unanimously elected by clergy and people. He took the election at the age of 75 and was enthroned on 14 December 867. Shortly after his enthronement, his wife and daughter of Eleutherus, a relative of former antipope Anastasius III were. Murdered.

The Frankish King Lothair II, he allowed, the problem of repudiation of his childless wife in Rome put forward, which he also clearly was willing to compromise when his predecessor Nicholas I had been so. A decision no longer needed to see this thing, of course, since Lothar II died shortly afterwards.

At the same time Adrian II gave the canonization of the abbess Walburga at a May 1 event for today in Germany still widespread custom of Walpurgis Night, which is celebrated in the Patron Saint Walburga the previous night.

In 867 he appointed the former antipope Anastasius III. librarian of the Roman Church.