Pope Agatho of Alexandria

The Holy Agathon of Alexandria ( † October 27 673 in Alexandria ) was 654-673 the 39th Pope of the Coptic Church.

Agathon was a disciple of his predecessor, who had to keep hidden for some time before chalkedonensischen pursuers. During this time represented him Agathon. During the day he was dressed as a carpenter through the streets and markets, at night he went to the priestly clothing in the houses and preached and taught the believers. Only after the Arabs had conquered Egypt, its predecessor was able to return to office.

After the death of his predecessor, Abba Agathon was elected Pope. He stood in front of the church in a difficult time. The Christians were imposed heavy taxes. A to the Official unexploded by bribing the governor of Egypt issued an order that anyone who find the patriarchs, should slay him. The Patriarch remained in his cell until the death of the governor.

In the tenure of Abba Agathon the construction of St. Macarius Church was completed in his monastery in Wadi El- Natroun.

His feast day is day of his death, October 27.

Agathon of Alexandria should not be confused with his contemporary, the Roman Pope Agathon ( Pope 678-681 ).

  • Coptic Pope
  • Holy ( 7th century )
  • Person (Alexandria )
  • Bishop ( 7th century )
  • Christian Orient
  • Born in the 7th century
  • Died 673
  • Man