Pope Benedict V

Benedict V. (* in Rome, July 4 † 965 or 966 in Hamburg) was from May 22 to June 23, 964 Pope of the Catholic Church. His name means the blessed one (latin ).

He was the son of John Roemer from the Region Marcelli. Benedict was considered gelehrsamer man, which earned him the nickname Grammaticus. He was the Roman patriciate 964 after the death of Pope John XII. first elected Pope. However, Emperor Otto I asked for a restitution of the previously expelled from Rome Leo VIII, because the Romans against the well of John XII. initially approved privilege Ottonianum had failed. Yet Benedict was raised to the papal throne. Pope Benedict tried to wipe out the disgrace of recent years. Emperor Otto I still put him after the conquest of Rome on a Lateran Synod end of June from 964 and in exchange Pope Leo VIII a ( Otto was present at the Synod ). Benedict was passed on June 23 by the Romans to Emperor Otto I and presented to the Synod as a prisoner. As indicted invader, usurper and Eidbrüchiger, he renounced defense and pleaded guilty. He was declared deposed and banished from Rome as degraded as a deacon and placed under the supervision of the also present in Rome Hamburger Archbishop Adaldag. As a prisoner of the emperor he was taken away by Adaldag to Hamburg. Adaldag went with Benedict respectfully, yet he felt uncomfortable in the northern climate and to have said. " When you Hyperboreans can not Italo heart be warm" Moreover, Benedict prophesied that Hamburg would keep his remains rest here, would be destroyed and devastated and wild animals lived in the rubble. After he was ( according to other sources 966 ) died on July 4, 965 a short time after his arrival in Hamburg, his body was at the behest of Otto III. (possibly 988 ) brought to Rome. The Hamburg erected a monument to him, which was with the empty tomb ( cenotaph ) until 1805 at the Hamburger Mary's Cathedral.