Pope Boniface IV

Boniface IV (* unknown, in Valenia ( Abruzzo ), † May 25 615 in Rome? ) Was Pope from 608 to 615 His name means: the benefactor (latin )

Boniface was the son of a doctor. He was a monk in the Benedictine Order, however, is his theological training nothing further known. He entered the service of the Pope and was used by Pope Gregory I in the Office of Dispensators. On September 15 (after deviating specification August 25th) 608 Boniface was the deceased on 12 November 607 Pope Boniface III .. His friendly relations with Emperor Phocas the Eastern Roman Empire, it is thanks to them that the church, the Pantheon, one of the mother Goddess Cybele and all the gods consecrated rotunda, given to him and it could consecrate the Virgin and all the martyrs. Boniface had 28 carts with bones from the catacombs of Rome bring in the new church. At the same time he founded the Christian Church the feast of All Saints.

During his pontificate Boniface tried to missionary work in England and the regulation of the local ecclesiastical customs. Good relations he maintained also for the Gallic church also.

His feast day is May 8