Pope Gregory VI

Gregory VI. ( born John Gratian Pierleoni, † probably November 1047 in Cologne) was Pope from 1045 to 1046 He is not to be confused with the anti-pope from 1012..

Before his short pontificate of Gregory VI was. since 1012, Cardinal Priest and Archpriest of San Giovanni a Porta Latina. In 1045 he bought of Benedict IX. Whose godfather he was the papal office for 1000 pounds of silver, although he himself was an opponent of any simony. On May 1, 1045 he was elected to the papacy. Later, however, both Gregory and Benedict held themselves firmly to their claim to be the rightful pope. Since at the same time also Silvester III. was elevated to the papacy, now three popes reigned at the same time in Rome.

Most churchmen held to Gregor, who wanted to put an end to the abuses of the Church. The German King Henry III. However, convened on December 20, 1046 a the Synod of Sutri, which declared all three popes to be illegal and instead raised in Rome Suidger Bishop of Bamberg as Clemens II on December 24, to the Pope.

Gregor was banished to Cologne, where a young monk named Hildebrand accompanied him, the future Pope Gregory VII Gregory VI. probably died in November 1047 in Cologne.