Pope John VII

John VII (* in the 7th century in Rossano, Calabria, † October 18 707 in Rome ) was from 705 until his death Pope. He was elected on 1 March 705

He was born in Rossano, the son of Blatta and the Greeks Plato, who held the office of imperial administrator on the Palatine.

For fear of the Emperor Justinian II, he recognized the decisions of the Synod of Trullo in 691 indirectly. Among the Lombards, he had good relations. In Rome he had several churches build and restore. The church of Santa Maria Antiqua in the Forum in Rome, he was with a marble ambo ( inscriptions occupied) and equip it with frescoes, which are due to their quality of great art-historical significance.

He died on 18 October 707 in Rome.