Pope Leo II

Leo II (* in Sicily, July 3683 ) was Pope from August 17, 682 until his death. His name means: the lion.

Leo II was a Greek from Sicily. The Greek language and literature was at that time in Rome so forget that their knowledge was regarded as something extraordinary and Greek to Latin -talking Pope was a miracle of erudition. He was the successor of Agathon. On the sixth ecumenical council ( Constantinople in 680 Opel - also: Third Council of Constantinople Opel ) Pope Honorius I. was occupied with heretics for his views in Monothelitism - dispute as a sympathizer with excommunication. This was still the time Agathos, but still seemed a to Leo II, who henceforth praised the decision and the condemnation of Honorius I founded with fonts. He saw in Honorius I. " profana prodi tio immaculatem fidem subvertere conatus est. " ( Roughly: someone who has tried by ordinary treason to destroy the pure faith. ) Under the idea of ​​papal infallibility his words to a private dispute were. In particular, the Greek text to the Emperor shows another milder word phrase in which the term is used " subverti permisit " instead of " subvertere conatus est ", ie the accusation was therein permission instead of active dissemination of heresy,

In the Conciliengeschichte ( iii, 294) of Hefel this is the true understanding of Leo II assumed. During the papacy of Leo II the dependence of the See of Ravenna was finally codified by the Rome by imperial edict.

Pope Leo II was canonized. Being a Catholic feast day is July 3, of his death.