Pope Leo IV

Leo IV (* 790, † July 17 855 in Rome ) was a son of the Roman citizen Rodualdus and April 10, 847 until his death Pope. Prior to his election he was a subdeacon and Cardinal Priest of Santi Quattro Coronati. His name means: the lion (latin )

During his pontificate, he had to defend against attacks from the east, the city of Rome. 849 won the papal troops at the Battle of Ostia a decisive victory over the Saracens. Leo IV fortified the mouths of the Tiber and the west of the Tiber lying area around St. Peter ( Leonine Wall).

Leo's successor should be one already in the Middle Ages spreading legend has been the Pope Joan. Their existence, however, is not historically proven. The guided in the ecclesiastical annals successor, Benedict III. Whose existence is, however, disputed by supporters of the legend.

Leo IV is one of the saints of the Catholic Church; its fiesta is celebrated on July 17.