Pope Leo VII

Leo VII (* in Rome, † July 13 939 in Rome) was pope from 3 January 936 until his death.


Leo VII, Roman origin, Benedictine and previously Cardinal Priest of S. Sisto, was the first of five popes, who were elected on the instructions of Prince Alberic II. He was pope from 3 January 936 until his death on July 13, 939

Leo VII sat down with Alberich II for a monastic reform in the sense of the work of reform of Cluny. For Abbot Odo of Cluny was called to Rome. When the Italian king Hugh of Arles Rome besieged for the second time, the abbot mediated a peace between Alberich and the Italian king, culminating in a formal marriage between Alda, daughter of Hugo, and Alberich.

While Leo's pontificate visited the chronicler Flodoard of Reims in France the Pope. The Archbishop of Hamburg- Bremen, the pallium was conferred. Leo called on Archbishop Frederick of Mainz to expel conversion unwilling Jews.

Da Leo VII was Benedictine himself, he was involved among other things for the restoration of monasteries, for example, S. Paolo fuori le mura outside of Rome.

Pope Leo VII was buried 939 in St. Peter.