Pope Peter of Alexandria

Petros I. of Alexandria ( † November 311) was 300-311 Christian bishop of Alexandria in Egypt, the last martyr of the Egyptian Church; therefore he is called Seal of the Martyr.

Life and history

In the legends of the Coptic Church is reported that Petros ' parents her son in the care of the Alexandrian bishop Theonas ( 282-300 ) gave, who trained him as a priest and made his successor. Before he was elected bishop, Petros was the head of the Alexandrian catechetical school. Petros was also a teacher of Athanasiou (around 300-373 ) of the later Bishop of Alexandria ( 328-373 ). To 305 he fled from the persecution of Christians under Diocletian and his successors, and was therefore attacked by Bishop Meletios of Lycopolis, the founder of a Church of martyrs, sharp. Petros excommunicated Meletius and so caused the schism meletianische while Meletius went into exile and won many supporters, including the co-author of the Arian controversy, the priest Arius / Arios, which was also excommunicated by Petros. With a renewed wave of persecution Petros remained steadfast, he died as a martyr in 311 Alexandria, where he was beheaded. 313, under Petros ' successor Achillas ( 312-313 ) was the Edict of Milan, the first Christians religious freedom. His teachings, Christ and the Resurrection concerning, were considered by the early Church as binding. The Coptic Church celebrates its Day of Remembrance on 25 November.