Popielowska Kolonia

Popielowska Kolonia ( German: Klink ) is a town in Upper Silesia. Popielowska Kolonia is located in the rural community Popielów (Alt Poppelau ) in Opolski powiat (district Opole ) in the Polish Opole Voivodeship.

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Geographical Location

South of the city flows the river Oder and north of the Brinnitze, a tributary of the Budkowitzer creek.

Neighboring towns

Neighboring towns of Popielowska Kolonia are in the northwest Rybna ( Riebnig ), in the northeast Popielów (Alt Poppelau ), to the east Stare Siołkowice (Alt scarf Schukowitzgasse ) and in the south Mikolin ( Niko Line).


In the plebiscite in Upper Silesia on March 20, 1921 213 voters voted to remain in Germany and 57 for the membership of Poland. Klink remained with the German Reich. 1933 lived 245 inhabitants in the village. 1939, the place had 230 inhabitants. By 1945, the place was in the district of Opole.

1945, with the end of World War II, the previously German city came under Polish administration before 1991 with the Two Plus Four Treaty a peace treaty between the two German states and the victorious powers of World War II, it was concluded that the site an integral part Poland made ​​. The town was founded in 1945 the Silesian Voivodeship connected and renamed Popielowska Kolonia. In 1950 the place came to Opole Voivodeship and since 1999 he is part of the re-established powiat Opolski.