Popkomm is a trade show for music and entertainment in Berlin. Until 2003, the Popkomm took place in Cologne.

Popkomm is an international trade fair for the music and entertainment industry and annually attracts thousands of visitors from all over the world. It relies on an integrated concept of the event of a trade fair, congress and festival and is organized by Messe Berlin GmbH.


The mid-1980s found in the Wuppertal "Exchange" the first by the then head of the "Rock Office NRW " in Wuppertal, Dieter Gorny, initiated music fairs, then still without event title. 1989 from the Popkomm was in Dusseldorf at the Cultural zakk established under the second rock-pop Congress for Cultural Policy (Bonn), including Gorny. It was named after the Hamburg journalist Rainer Jogschies. At that time she was still an alternative for insiders in the music scene, but already planned as a communication center for independents and national industry. 1990 Popkomm was first held in Cologne as an international trade fair. In 2003, Popkomm was sold to the Messe Berlin. In Cologne, the festival c / o pop was launched in response to the migration of the Popkomm into being in 2004. In Berlin Popkomm has developed into one of the three largest international B2B events in the music industry until it was postponed due to declining revenue in 2009. Since 2010, Popkomm is now back as part of the Berlin Music Week and found in recent years held in Berlin- Tempelhof airport.


Popkomm has become a significant industry event, emanating from the economic and cultural-political effects. Numerous labels, majors and independents, distributors, publishers and music related companies are represented for years at Popkomm. With an exhibition area of ​​16,000 m² Popkomm 2006 counted a total of 817 exhibitors, including 589 international exhibitors from 55 countries and over 15,000 trade visitors. After the Popkomm 2006, 72 percent of exhibitors and 41 percent of visitors to have successfully done business. In 2008, Popkomm was held to 10 October 2008 of 8. 2010 B2C sector was introduced to the marketplace in order to include the consumer more in the event for the first time in the history of Popkomm.

Canceled in 2009

On 19 June 2009, the show was canceled surprising. The management of the Popkomm GmbH justified this step with low profit expectations due to poor registration numbers. Dieter Gorny, founder of PopKomm, cited the reason for the cancellation of the ongoing theft of intellectual property on the Internet and the associated loss of sales in the industry participants. This view was immediately decisively contradicted by former Germany boss of Universal Music, Tim Renner. The concept of the exhibition was outdated, Renner explained in the Germany radio on the same day. The show was not working anymore because it serves as a " self-presentation ceremony " an industry that " has to celebrate in fact little, because they no longer handle its business model " and referred to the failures of the Internet as the future distribution channel to detect.

Many Gornys fair rejection was interpreted as a cry for help the industry to the federal government to create similar laws as in France, where Internet users could get the internet with repeated copyright infringements for up forbidden to a year not subject to judicial and procedures ( the so-called " Loi Hadopi " see also: copyright infringement ). The Hamburg-based journalist Rainer Jogschies, once Renner colleague at the NDR and the magazine tango, criticized as a namesake of PopKomm and Jointly designing in a letter to Gorny refusal - whether in setting up the exhibition in 1979 at the communication of the independents with the industry gone - then you 've also had " no money " and therefore also initiates the fair. It was absurd and pity now cancel for lack of money.


On the Popkomm Congress current industry issues are discussed, presented innovations and teaches knowledge of international industry representatives. The Congress offers visitors lectures and participation of celebrities from the music industry: Convention participants at Popkomm 2006 were, among others Feargal Sharkey, former singer of the Undertones and Chairman of the UK Live Music Forum, Gilberto Gil, musician and minister of culture of the partner country Brazil, and the founder of the Montreux Jazz Festival, Claude Nobs and music producer Lou Pearlman. In 2007, the Congress was dedicated in discussions, presentations and workshops, the topics of which it is assumed that they will employ in the future the music industry: " Digital", " live ", " Mobile Entertainment" and " Creative Industries". In addition to these main topics of the congress offers country overviews, for example, in 2006 Japan, Brazil and Russia. 2010, the Congress all2gethernow was also held at the former Tempelhof airport.


In addition to the trade fair and the congress is the third pillar of the Popkomm every year a festival. Popkomm 2006 brought over 2,000 musicians from 26 countries to the stage. About 400 attended performances here for more than 600 hours of live music in 30 Berlin clubs with about 70,000 visitors. In this Popkomm Festival occurred inter alia Billy Talent, Chicks on Speed ​​, Joy Dena Lane, Kaizers Orchestra, iForward Russia!, The Aggrolites, The Long Blondes, Sugarplum Fairy, Juliette and the Licks and Lunik. The Popkomm is cross-genre: All genres are welcome. In 2007 musical festival applications were first possible only by electronic means. To this end, the Popkomm GmbH cooperated with the U.S. online portal " Sonicbids ".


" Popkomm IMEA " stands for "Innovation in Music and Entertainment Awards " Awards for creative business ideas in the music industry. This young company at the center who have digital marketing music or mobile consumer electronics highlighted in areas such as creative ideas. The winners of the Popkomm IMEAS receive a free booth included free accreditations to the following year held Popkomm, an economic consultancy workshop as well as special coverage of the Popkomm media. The winners were:

  • 2004: Play Louder (UK)
  • 2005: kSolo (USA)
  • 2006: Royalty Share ( USA)
  • 2007: Trivid ( Germany )
  • 2008: Kyte (USA)

Popkomm Classics

In the " Classic Lounge " Popkomm is present Labels, associations, publishers and classical media to present new perspectives in the classical market and to promote encounters and conversations. Classic is also integrated in the Congress of the Popkomm; in 2006 it went on the forums to training programs and the power of classical music. On the Popkomm Festival to classical music in particular reflected in the " Yellow Lounge ", which is organized by the Universal Music in cooperation with the program " Classics & Jazz". 2006 marked " recomposed by Jimi Tenor " in this context its world premiere at the Deutsche Oper.


Organizer of the Popkomm since 2004 Popkomm GmbH, a 100 % subsidiary of Messe Berlin GmbH. Managing Director of Popkomm GmbH Dr. Ralf Kleinhenz, the organizational project management as Director 2004-2007 Katja Bittner had held, in 2008 took over Esther Piehl this task and since 2009 Daniel Barkowski, the former project manager of the Youth Fair YOU. The core team of the Popkomm Tenday Mwase heard as Manager Exhibition.


Popkomm is a member of the co-operation network of the Berlin music industry Berlin Music Commission.

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