Porsche Design Group

The Porsche Design GmbH is a 1972 by Ferdinand Alexander Porsche ( FA Porsche ) and Porsche Design Studio based in Stuttgart product design companies.

The Porsche Design Studio (Porsche Design GmbH ) is established since 1974 in Zell am See in Austria. Since 2003, the Porsche Design Studio for Porsche Design Group is one ( Porsche Lizenz-und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG ), based in Bietigheim- Bissingen ( as of spring 2014 in Ludwigsburg ), which in turn is a majority-owned subsidiary of Porsche AG, based in Stuttgart.


In 1972, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche - son of Ferry Porsche, grandson of Ferdinand Porsche and cousin of Ferdinand Piëch - after the former exclusion of family members from all important positions at Porsche in Stuttgart his own company, the Porsche Design Studio. In 1974 he moved with his company to Zell am See in Austria, where he had lived as a child in the bulk material, the ancestral home of the families Porsche - Piëch, a few years.

2003 sold F. A. Porsche shares of its previously independent design label Porsche Design to a subsidiary of Porsche AG. Thus, a confusing chapter ended in the brand's history of Porsche. Since then, there is also an economic connection between Porsche Design products and the sports car manufacturer. For Porsche Design Group ( Porsche Lizenz-und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG ), based in Bietigheim- Bissingen since then is a subsidiary of Porsche AG, Porsche Design Studio in Zell am See, which also works for other companies, and therefore the brand Porsche Design and Porsche Design Driver 's Selection. Exist appropriate Porsche Design regional companies for the countries USA, China, Britain, France and Italy. Managing Director of Porsche Design Studio since 2004, the former Porsche designers Roland Heiler. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche has since been Honorary Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Porsche Design Studio. CEO of Porsche Design Group since 2007, the former Porsche marketing director Dr. Juergen Gessler.

Porsche Design Studio

The Porsche Design Studio products are designed and developed, which are manufactured by companies other than licensing and sold under its own brand name Porsche Design. The products are distributed worldwide Porsche Design stores ( owned and franchise stores), shop-in - shop, better department stores and upmarket specialist shops.

The design studio marketed under the name Design by FA Porsche, mostly in collaboration with leading manufacture, since the mid- 1970s, "a variety of industrial products, household appliances and household goods". At the same time was under the name Porsche Design an aligned on male customers own accessories range of products ( watches, glasses, pens, etc. ) in the upper price segment. Of these, there were initially independent since the 1950s, mostly based on indidviduelle vehicle models, the collection of accessories, the sports car manufacturer Porsche, designed for Porsche drivers and friends of the car brand. 1994, this Porsche Selection collection was baptized. Since 2004 she is called Porsche Design Driver's Selection, to distinguish them from the other Porsche Design products.

In 1995, the company Porsche Design, the Swiss watch company Eterna SA in Grenchen. Now there, the Porsche Design watch collection will include those prepared after the end of 1997 ended the contract with the IWC. The first product of their own watch production is a remake of Chrono I in the original package with a Valjoux 7750 movement.

Porsche Design products

  • Clothing and footwear ( P'1000 ); high-priced leather garments and sportswear collection ( since 2005, mainly for men, with a small collection for ladies). The blazer P'1140 2012 was awarded the red dot design award.
  • Luggage ( P'2000 ); Suitcases, briefcases, travel bags, etc.
  • Accessories ( P'3000 ); Writing instruments, fragrances, leather goods ( purses, etc.), jewelry ( cufflinks ) and cigar accessories, smoking pipes ( including the famous whistle with the reminiscent of the cylinders of an air-cooled engine cooling fins), lighters, pocket knives
  • Sport ( P'5000 ); Cooperation with adidas under the name Porsche Design Sport clothing, shoes and accessories in the areas of golf, tennis, water / Snow Sports, Running / Fitness and Driving
  • Watches ( P'6000 ) Chrono I, the design of which has been started in time at Porsche and was intended as an accessory for Porsche drivers. He was of Orfina S. A. produced in Grenchen and was launched in 1973. In addition to the original version with matte black metal housing and stainless steel band, a version with glass-bead blasted case and bracelet in stainless steel was later offered. Initially, the Valjoux 7750 caliber The version with the very popular for military purposes Lemania factory was used later Lemania 5100th was also made ​​in special versions for various armed forces, each with modified dial and Lunettenaufschrift and different color coated housing.
  • The compass watch, the first from 1978 begun and 20 years of cooperation with IWC ( International Watch Company) originating in Schaffhausen clock. When her an anti- magnetic automatic movement combined with a compass. The compass was rotatably mounted in the housing lower part, and was also removable. The movement was housed in the upper housing part, which was connected by a hinge to the base and thus could be folded up. Housing and band were hard-anodized aluminum and black. Later there were versions with Nato olive anodized casing and band, and from about the mid 1990s, a version of titanium. The band could be resolved on the clasp. So you could use exactly 5 mm wide band members as a measure on maps.
  • Titan Chronograph in 1980, the first watch with titanium case and bracelet. IWC had to develop new production methods for this clock because of the special processing properties of titanium. The housing was a cylindrical basic form into which the handle were integrated to the chronograph mechanism. Again came the widespread ETA Valjoux 7750 is used, which, however, was, as usual, at IWC, revised and embellished.
  • Chrono II who, like the Titan Chrono had a cylindrical shape with integrated handles. With him was the aluminum body and the strip of fiber-reinforced plastic.
  • The Ocean 2000, which was developed by IWC on behalf of the German Navy. Your case and band consisted of titanium. It was designed in 2000 m water depth pressure-resistant.
  • Today's models are based on ETA movements.
  • Very well known is the model P'8478 with teardrop shaped lenses and the quick change of the glasses, which was first presented in 1978. For 40 - year company anniversary in 2012 a special edition P'8478 40Y was released in limited edition.
  • 1979, the so-called ' Yoko Ono ' P'8479 was introduced Beta-titanium, which was worn by Yoko Ono on various LP and magazine covers.
  • The 1980 presented Aviators P'8480 Titanium can be folded with little effort on six by six inches and is particularly easy thanks to the material and corrosion resistant.
  • 2006, the P'8418 was taken as the first interchangeable lens sunglasses with self-fixing glasses on the market.
  • One of the designed by Porsche Design Studio eyeglasses for example, had their shape because they should be cast from titanium and the casting process in the form of course had to be taken into account. It was not made ​​later in titanium, but kept the matched form.
  • The first sunglasses was pressed from a single piece of titanium presented in 2010.
  • 2012 was a limited edition of 1,972 pieces, collector '40YEARS OF INNOVATION ' with four highlight models of sandblasted titanium, applied to the design icons of the years 1978, 1980, 2006 and 2010, applied.
  • A phone model


Furthermore, have been and are designing products for renowned customers. These are also sold as a Porsche Design products ( P'XXXX ), but carry an indication of the manufacturer (eg Adidas, Faber -Castell, etc.):

  • Porsche Design Sport; subdivided in different sports cooperation with adidas for sports clothing, sports shoes and accessories
  • For Grundig TV
  • Telephones for the German Federal Post Office and Samsung
  • 'S cameras Rollei and Fuji
  • Kitchen knives and accessories for Chroma Cnife
  • Computer and screens for VPR Matrix and Samsung
  • Computer accessories ( external hard drives and DVD burner ) for LaCie
  • Desk lamps and room lighting for various manufacturers from Germany, Italy and Spain
  • Writing instruments, which are made ​​by Faber -Castell
  • A wing for Bösendorfer
  • Kitchen appliances for Siemens
  • Laser Printer Kyocera Document Solutions (b / w models FS -1000, FS -1000 and FS- 1010)
  • Together with Poggenpohl Porsche Design 2007 developed a high-end kitchen.

Some designs also either no indication of the designer was given or it was only mentioned in product marketing, for example:

Passenger transport

In addition, F. A. made ​​to Porsche always thought for passenger transport:

  • Tram studies ( Škoda )
  • A multifunctional car concept
  • The speedboat Kineo
  • A motorcycle study
  • Various bicycle designs
  • A surfboard