Port-de -Bouc is a commune with 17.211 inhabitants (as of January 1, 2011 ) in the department of Bouches -du -Rhône in the Provence- Alpes- Côte d' Azur.


The place is located ten kilometers west of Martigues and 45 kilometers west of Marseilles. Neighboring towns are next to Martigues still Fos -sur -Mer and Saint- Mitre -les- Remparts.


Some findings suggest that was hunted in the area of present-day Port-de -Bouc already to prehistoric times. The first settlement was the oppidum Castillon in the 5th or 6th century BC. This area between the wetlands of the Camargue and the Mediterranean was gradually developed. Already in the first to fourth century there was a harbor at Port-de -Bouc. From the early Middle Ages, many tombs have been preserved. The construction of the canal from Arles to Port de Bouc was a key event in the history of the place. Formed in 1866 Napoleon III. from parts of the communities Fos -sur -Mer and the community Martigues Port-de -Bouc. On 2 September 1866, the city was hit by a severe flood. In the second half of the 19th century it gained with its port in importance. 1899 was down here a shipbuilding company. Some years later, two chemical companies settled in the town. 1966 lived in the village of 14,000 people from around the world. This year, however, closed the shipyards, which was a disaster for the place. 2,000 jobs were lost. Through the establishment of the industrial area in Fos -sur -Mer, however, about 7,500 people came in the 1970s in the city. The industrial area brought but due to crises not provide the desired performance and the population of Port-de -Bouc took off again. In the postwar period René Rieubon from 1944 to 1990 was longtime mayor of the municipality.

Culture and sights

  • Fort de Bouc 17th century
  • Fishing port
  • Moralès museum with sculptures by Raymond Morales

Economy and infrastructure

The place is located on the N568, which leads to Arles and the place in the other direction will bind to the A55 to Marseille.