Porta Westfalica (gorge)

The Porta Westfalica (also Westfälische gate, popularly known simply Porta or Weser -lip ) is the transverse valley of the Weser between Wiehengebirge and Weser mountain range in the northeastern part of North Rhine -Westphalia, the region of East Westphalia -Lippe ( Germany ).

At the Porta Westfalica leaves coming from the south river Weser the Weser Uplands and flows to the north into the North German Plain into it.


The Porta Westfalica is located in the district of Minden - Luebbecke the three cities of Porta Westfalica in the southeast, southwest and Minden Bad Oeynhausen in the north. It cuts the river Weser the left in the West Wiehengebirge from situated in the eastern Weser Mountains and the Upper Weser Valley (Upper Weser, in the south) from the Middle Weser valley ( Middle Weser, in the north). All this is surrounded on both sides Durchbruchtal Teutoburg from the eastern part of the Natural Park Northern Forest Wiehengebirge. To the south, the Great Weserbogen.

The Durchgangstal the Weser through Porta Westfalica was awarded 2006 National Geotope.

On the eastern slopes of Wittekind Mountain, the easternmost mountain of the Wiehengebirge, stands the Kaiser- Wilhelm- Memorial, opposite on the Jacob Mountain, the westernmost mountain of the Weser Mountains, the telecommunications tower Jakob Berg is a viewing platform.

Transport links

The federal highways intersect at the Porta Westfalica 61, 65 and 482, on the connection to the far south extending federal highways 2 and 30, and consists of the street system of the surrounding villages.

While the first and last mentioned state road running approximately north-south direction and parallel to the Weser through Porta Westfalica and south of the gate to the city Porta Westfalica about in west-east direction as part of a leading over the river bridge connected to each other are the B 65 crosses the north of the gate at Minden in the west-east direction on the Theodor Heuss Bridge the river Weser. The B 61 passes through the 1,730 meter-long Weserauentunnel that was created approximately parallel to the Weser and the ring road of the east of Wittekind mountain located Barkhausens serves (northern district of Porta Westfalica ).

Also the Ruhr leading from Hanover railway Hamm- Minden leads approximately north-south direction and parallel to the Weser through Porta Westfalica, which stands on the Porta belonging to the city Porta Westfalica and on the eastern bank of the Weser at the western foot of Jakob Berg is connected to the rail network of the Deutsche Bahn.

Moreover, to achieve coming from the Porta Westfalica located in Porta Westfalica - Vennebeck Airfield Porta Westfalica.

Not far north of the Porta Westfalica crosses the Mittelland Canal, the Weser, which waterway connection between the Ems and Elbe in the west is to the east.

It also run trails through the gorge cut Porta Westfalica, including the European long-distance path E 11

View from the north to Porta Westfalica

View from the south to Porta Westfalica

The transverse valley around 1900 still existing, flat mountain flanks. They were later removed for roads