Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers are a team of North American professional basketball league NBA. Originally, the franchise since 1995, with its home games at the Portland Memorial Coliseum from Moda Center in Portland, Oregon.

The team arrived on three occasions in the finals of the playoffs, winning the NBA championship (Larry O'Brien NBA Championship Trophy ) once in 1977.


On February 6, 1970, the Trail Blazers were included in the NBA, after they had paid 3.7 million dollars for it. In the same year, the Buffalo Braves, the (Los Angeles Clippers ) and the Cleveland Cavaliers came into the league.

In 1977, the Blazers defeated the Philadelphia 76ers in the final 4-2 after Philadelphia had led 2-0 after two games. A 0:2 residue to rotate in an NBA Finals was so far succeeded only a few clubs.

In 1984, the Blazers had the second draft pick and chose so Sam Bowie and not Michael Jordan, the Chicago Bulls selected the after them. This has been classified as the biggest mistake in the draft of all time later by many critics.

1988 bought by billionaire Paul Allen the club and the team came in the years 1990 and 1992 in the finals of the playoffs, losing in 1990 and 1992 against the Detroit Pistons against the Chicago Bulls.

1995 left the Blazers the old Portland Memorial Coliseum and played from this point in the new Rose Garden Arena (now Moda Center). The Trail Blazers had to turn of the century one of the most talented teams ever and were close to the NBA title to it. In the years 1999 and 2000 Portland reached the Conference Finals, where they failed Lakers at San Antonio Spurs or Los Angeles. In the three subsequent seasons the Blazers dropped out in the first playoff round. At the same time came various Portland player with afoul of the law, which the team earned the dubious nickname Jailblazers. Power sources such as Rasheed Wallace, Bonzi Wells and Damon Stoudamire, but also bank players like Ruben Patterson or Qyntel Woods were involved. Half the team were then replaced several times. Between 2003 and 2008, the once successful franchise reached the playoffs a single time.

In 2005, the Rose Garden stadium went to some investment firms due to the bankruptcy of the Oregon Arena Corporation. 2007 Paul Allen bought the stadium again after the former manager had been fired.

When NBA Draft 2006, the College Blazers LaMarcus Aldridge Stars brought via trades by the Chicago Bulls and Brandon Roy of the Minnesota Timberwolves. Both players quickly established themselves on key players in the rotation. Roy won the award of Rookie Of The Year. In spite of increase in the balance sheet, the Trail Blazers missed the playoffs.

The Blazers won the Draftlottery the NBA Draft 2007. Them they had first right at the annual talent choice. The choice fell on Greg Oden, who was considered one of the greatest talents Center the last ten years. However, Oden injured before the start of the first season game and fell the entire season off. The Blazers were able to compensate for the loss well. Through the performance gains of Roy, Aldridge, Travis Outlaw and Martell Webster, they could again improve its balance sheet, but failed the Blazers short of the playoff qualification.

With a fit-again Oden, the team started from Oregon with much advance praise for the new season. For the first time in five years they reached the playoffs, but they did not get beyond the first round. The 2009/10 season the Blazers began promising before Greg Oden on 5 December 2009, the kneecap and broke up today ( December 16, 2011 ) did not return to the playing field. The Blazers once again reached the playoffs, but had to do without Brandon Roy who had previously suffered a severe injury to his right knee. Accordingly, followed again from the first round.

As a replacement for the injured Roy undertook the Blazers Wesley Matthews of the Utah Jazz. In spite of the failure of Oden and the strong physically restricted Roy, the Blazers were able to reach the playoffs again. This was mainly due to the power of explosions Aldridge and Matthews, as well as the commitment of Gerald Wallace.

In June 2011, the Blazers point guard Raymond Felton could commit by the Denver Nuggets. After a lockout in the NBA could be finished in December, said Brandon Roy, due to persistent knee problems, his retirement from professional basketball sport. The Blazers responded and pledged Jamal Crawford of the Atlanta Hawks. Mid- March 2012 Greg Oden was dismissed and coach Nate McMillan with him. Kaleb Canales took over McMillan's duties until further notice. In addition, they separated themselves from Marcus Camby and Gerald Wallace. For Hasheem Thabeet and Jonny Flynn Camby came from the Houston Rockets and Mehmet Okur and Wallace for Shawne Williams of the New Jersey Nets. However, Williams and Okur completed a single game for the Blazers.

The Blazers did not reach the playoffs in 2012. In summer 2012, Raymond Felton and Jamal Crawford left the team. About the NBA Draft 2012, she reinforced with the Lotterypicks Damian Lillard and Meyers Leonard. Likewise, the Blazers committed Europeans Victor Claver and Joel Freeland, whose rights it secured in the previous draft. August 2012 was also presented with Terry Stotts a new head coach. In comparison to the previous season, the Trail Blazers reached although a significantly better record, qualifying for the playoffs was not possible in the 2012/13 season. Lillard was nominated for his performance at the Rookie of the Year and is therefore by Geoff Petrie, Sidney Wicks and Brandon Roy the Blazers fourth of this award has be accepted.

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