Posey Rorer

Posey Rorer Wilson ( born September 22, 1892, at Franklin County, Virginia; † June 6, 1936 in North Carolina) was an American Old-time musicians. He was from 1923 a member of the North Carolina Ramblers, Charlie Poole's band.


Childhood and youth

Born as the son of W.T. and Lucy Abigail Rorer, Posey Rorer spent his childhood in the mountain areas between the villages of Herny and Ferrum. Early enthusiasm for music, as his father also played banjo. His first fiddle he built himself, and during his youth he often played together with his cousin Bob Moore. Early Rorer worked first as a miner and later in the textile factories in the region.


1920 Rorer the brother of Charlie Poole, since this Rorers sister had married Lou Emma. Poole and Rorer began to make music together and founded with guitarist Norman Woodlieff the North Carolina Ramblers, who played in the streets and Barn Dances and attracted by the country.

1925 received Poole and the North Carolina Ramblers a recording contract with Columbia Records and rose rapidly to become one of the most famous and successful string bands of the USA. Their debut single Do not Let Your Deal Go Down sold well at first and was the hit of the year. In addition to Poole's style of playing the banjo there were also Rorers tunes on the fiddle that made them so popular. They had a soft, melodic sound and reminiscent of the old pieces that you already knew from childhood. 1931 died Poole and Rorer sat down with guitarist Roy Harvey at the top of the North Carolina Ramblers.

Rorer until his death in 1936, the North Carolina Ramblers different cast on. Some sources also give in March 1935 as the date of death. One of his descendants, Kinney Rorrer, 1982 published a biography of Charlie Poole.