Post-hardcore or post -core refers to a development from the American hardcore punk scene, although further promotes the values ​​of hardcore, has, however, musically developed in other directions. The term is related to the post-punk, there are the so-called post-rock partially overlap.


From the mid- 1980s, the "classic" hardcore scene was in decline. While many of the founders of the U.S. hardcore disbanded and many newer bands opened influences from the metal area, moved others protagonists of the original hardcore scene her interest in the field of experimental music. Based on simple hardcore punk structures and the DIY ethos of the movement were some bands elements from the art rock, psychedelic rock, funk and jazz and later also of the noise-rock flow into their music. This created a new, " overly intellectual " style of music that combined the hardness of hardcore with unusual song structures.

As a precursor to groups like No Means No or bands like Hüsker Dü, Butthole Surfers or Wipers are called, who combined in their music hardcore, post-punk and psychedelic. As real founder, however, bands from Washington DC like Embrace, Rites of Spring or later Fugazi and the Dischord Records label apply. The Rollins Band, as the Black Flag singer Henry Rollins project, sat down in the mid- 1980s with the mixing of hardcore with jazz and funk influences apart; as well as the former Black Flag label SST Records early post -core projects supported.

Significant post -core representative of the early 1990s were groups such as Drive Like Jehu, Rapeman, Shellac and Quicksand, where bands like At the Drive -In, Glassjaw boysetsfire or nachfolgten.

Modern postal core groups such as Sparta increasingly working with elements of progressive rock.


Typical of many post -core groups are improvisational components and the noise borrowed dynamic contrasts (such as the change of melodic and shouted vocals, or by rolling, bridge -like passages and explosive, verwunderlichen, chaotic sound structures ).

Direct developments in the post -core environment provide the emocore, screamo, post-grunge, sludge, jazz as well as the Core Math rock Mathcore and dar.