Post town

The post town is a required part of all postal addresses in the UK and a central unit of Postzustellsystems in addition to alphanumeric postal code. Specifying the correct post town in the address increases the feeding speed of letters and parcels, as the post -town system usually corresponds to the Verteilämtern the mail. The main function of the post- town, however, is to distinguish between addresses without zip code city and street.

In the system of Royal Mail, there are around 1,500 towns post. Each post is part of a town, sometimes multiple parent post districts and on the other hand include many towns and villages. The limits of the post towns rarely correspond with the administrative boundaries, however, often leads the system places together, who otherwise have little to do with each other.

Also, the interaction of the post town and postcode is not unique. Normally zip codes belong to exactly one post town, but there are also examples where this is not the case: as the postcode EH14 5 belongs to the post towns Juniper Green, Currie and Balerno (where Balerno beyond the postcode EH14 7 has ).


  • Post Office ( United Kingdom)