Postal codes in Canada

The Canadian zip codes ( postal code, postal code ) conform to the schema

( A = letter, 0 = number).

The first letter indicates the postal region of, counting from east to west.


  • A Newfoundland
  • B Nova Scotia
  • C Prince Edward Iceland
  • D - not applicable due to confusion with 0
  • E New Brunswick
  • F - not applicable due to confusion with E
  • G - Québec East
  • H Montreal and Laval
  • I - not applicable due to confusion with 1
  • J Quebec- West
  • K - East Ontario
  • L Ontario Center
  • M Greater Toronto
  • N - Southwest Ontario
  • O - not applicable due to confusion with 0
  • P - Northern Ontario
  • Q - not applicable due to confusion with 0
  • R Manitoba
  • S Saskatchewan
  • T Alberta
  • U - not applicable due to confusion with V
  • V British Columbia
  • W - not awarded
  • X Northwest Territories, Nunavut
  • Y Yukon

The second digit is a 0 in rural areas. The numbers 1-9 are reserved for larger cities and metropolitan areas. In general, the last digit is also a 0 if the second digit is a 0; is the number in the second place 1 to 9, the last digit is usually also 1 to 9

The letter referred to in third place in rural areas a Zustellkreis, in urban areas usually the district of a certain Zustellamtes.

The second digit and letter blocks mean then in urban areas a particular Zustellabschnitt (about a city block or larger individual buildings, major recipient, authorities, etc. ), although immediate geographical contexts were read.

In rural areas, post offices are usually in alphabetical order. The alphabetically first post office then receives the identifier 1A0 or in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Territories 0A0. It continues with 1B0 (or 0B0 ), etc. to ( theoretically) 9Z0. Deviations of this order are obtained by renaming and closing and opening of new post offices.

The letters D, F, I, O, Q and U are used at any point in the zip code.

For mail to Santa Claus, there is the special postal code H0H 0H0 ( because of the similarity to HO HO HO) for the fictional place North Pole The correct address of Santa Claus is then: