Postal codes in Portugal

The Portuguese Post codes (Portuguese Código Postal ) are seven to eight digits. Between the fourth and fifth digit is a dash. The last three digits ( introduced in 1994) are usually available for districts, blocks, streets, or the like, for smaller towns that share a distribution center.

The first four digits refer to the distribution center. This may be only a neighborhood with larger cities. The first digit can be 1-9 used. 1 stands for the Lisbon Region, 9 for the Azores and Madeira, the rest give larger regions. The sequence of digits thereby moves along the coast to the north, then east, and thence to the south. Accordingly, the 2000 is for parts of Santarém, 3000 for parts of Coimbra, 4000 for parts of Porto, 5000 Vila Real, 6000 for Castelo Branco, 7000 Evora, 8000 for Faro.