Postmaster (computing)

Postmaster is the local part ( engl. local-part ) of an e -mail address of any domain must by Internet standards such as RFC 822 and RFC 1123, provided they support e-mails. The address is provided for this purpose, to be able to contact someone with even the adverse circumstances, which is responsible for the e -mails of Domain. For example, should at the address [email protected] someone be available, which can help if under a different [email protected] ending e- mail address, no emails will be accepted.

The draft RFC 5321 for the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol concedes that e- mails may be rejected at this address in an attack on the mail server. But it also requires that emails may not, therefore, denied to this address, because the address is specified without the domain name. Since both are already included in RFC 2821, it can be considered as generally accepted, although the standard RFC 821 mentions nothing of the sort.

Although the delivery of e -mails to this address will be aware particularly easy to use, it is not attractive for distribution of spam. This object yes, that is also responding as desired to their e -mails. That's when people read the e -mails to postmaster, the least to be expected, because a certain amount of experience and prudence is to be assumed. In addition, they are just the ones who can prevent most likely that e- mails from this sender are delivered to other addresses.

Like other e- mail addresses for specific purposes, one of which, for example, RFC 2142 is also this to a user account or a single person must be assigned. You can for example also be an alias, accepted under the e- mails and more than one person be delivered.

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