Potassium fluoride


K, F

White hygroscopic powder


2.49 g · cm -3 ( 20 ° C)

852 ° C

1505 ° C

13 Pa ( at 752 ° C)

Good ( 485 g · l-1 ) in water ( 20 ° C)



1 mg · m-3

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Potassium fluoride is a chemical compound selected from the group of fluorides.


Potassium fluoride occurs naturally in the form of the rare mineral Carobbiit.


Potassium fluoride is a white, hygroscopic powder that normally occurs as the dihydrate. The dihydrate melts at 46 ° C in its own water of crystallization. Aqueous potassium fluoride solutions react due to hydrolysis weakly basic. There dissolve at 20 ° C. 485 g of potassium fluoride in a liter of water.

The standard enthalpy of potassium fluoride is ΔHf0 = -569 kJ / mol.

Potassium contains 0.0118 % to the isotope 40K, this provides 20979 Bq per kilogram of KF, which are 89.28 % and 10.72 % Beta radiation Gamma radiation with 1.46083 MeV.


Potassium fluoride can be prepared by neutralization of hydrofluoric acid with potassium carbonate or potassium hydroxide. For solutions with excess hydrofluoric acid crystallized acid potassium hydrogen KHF2, which can be converted by heating in potassium fluoride KF.


Potassium fluoride is used in the production for the production of enamel glazes as a cement admixture as component of aluminum welding oxidereleasing powders, as a wood preservative, and the glass etching. Also, in oral hygiene products ( toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.) to find and as an additional trace element for dietary supplement purposes in fluoridated table salt.

In organic chemistry, potassium fluoride is used to convert organic chlorine compounds in fluorocarbons.