Potez was a French aircraft and aircraft engine manufacturer. The company was founded in 1919 under the name Aéroplanes Henry Potez and 1936 nationalized. The resulting after the Second World War Société des Avions et Moteurs Henry Potez went in 1967 in the Sud Aviation on.

Aéroplanes Henry Potez

The 1919 launched by the aircraft designer Henry Potez company initially built during the First World War, originating SEA IV aircraft order, had been involved in the development of the founders. The Potez VII manufacturing its own designs, including smaller airliners and military reconnaissance aircraft began. At times, was produced in Poland under license. 1933, Potez the flying boat manufacturer CAMS.

1936 prompted the Popular Front government nationalization of the French aerospace industry. The plants in Sartrouville Méaulte and then went into the possession of SNCA du Nord on, the plant in Berre- l'Étang was SNCA du Sud -Est taken.

Société des Avions et Moteurs Henry Potez

After the Second World War, Henry Potez founded a new company based in Argenteuil, but that could not build on the successes of its predecessor. With the takeover of rival Fouga 1958, the name was changed to Potez Air Fouga -. The manufacturer Morane- Saulnier was acquired in 1963.

The last own design was the Potez 840 turboprop After this did not prevail in the market, Potez had to cease production. In 1967, the plants were taken from the Sud Aviation.


Aircraft designs

  • Potez VII
  • Potez VIII
  • Potez IX
  • Potez XV
  • Potez XVII
  • Potez 25
  • Potez 32
  • Potez 33
  • Potez 34
  • Potez 36
  • Potez 37
  • Potez 39
  • Potez 43
  • Potez 54
  • Potez 56
  • Potez 58
  • Potez 60
  • Potez 62
  • Potez 63
  • Potez 65
  • Potez 75
  • Potez 91
  • Potez 452
  • Potez 840

Aircraft engines

  • Potez 4D
  • Potez 6D
  • Potez 8D
  • Potez 12D