Power forward (ice hockey)

The power forward is a position designation - usually for winger - in hockey. The game of power forwards is usually very physical, which is why the term is usually used only for players who have the appropriate typical physical conditions, such as body size or weight.

The name comes from the power forward style of play of most players of this kind; due to their physical superiority, they are difficult to separate from the puck, thus " pump iron ". Did you through the opponent's defenses and generate scoring chances, they accomplish not uncommon even Power Forwards position themselves in offensive play often before the keeper to take his view.

The power forward has over smaller, weaker players built the advantage that it can hardly be pressed on the ice and brought out of position, difficult to separate from the puck and is hardly intimidating. For this, they are usually less flexible and slower than other types of players.

Known Power Forwards the National Hockey League

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